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Return a Core (main)

Return a Core (main)

Use this page to complete fields and create/print a Core Return Tag.


1. Order/Line Header Section: this section displays basic information about the selected order/line item.
Customer PO No: customer's supplied purchase order number.
Desc: the description of the part.
Cust. Unit Issued: the part number shipped/issued to the customer.
SHP Qty: the quantity originally shipped/issued for this part.
RTN Qty: the total quantities returned on completed Core Return Tags.
INT Qty: the quantity returned to Honeywell on completed Core Return Tags but not yet received (in-transit).
OWE Qty: the remaining quantity due to Honeywell, minus any in-transit quantities.
C/C: condition code of shipped/issued part. Codes may vary by facility, but generally, B = exchange part, C/D/K/P = special order/pricing.
Legacy Cust Code: customer code from Honeywell legacy mainframe systems.
Source System: facility's legacy mainframe system from which data is pulled.
HON Order/Shipper No: advanced exchange order number (H-invoice, SalesOrder/WorkOrder). This is an active link that will open a page displaying the first line item in the Detail section.
Line No: line item number for the selected order and part.
Date Shipped/Issued to Cust: date the part was shipped/issued to the customer.
Core Due Date: date when the core is due, based on ship/issue date plus the number of days allowed for the customer to return core. The general policy allows each customer 30 days to return the core, except for Garrett consignment customers, who have 60 days.
Days Past Due: number of days after the Core Due Date. If the number is in bold red, it is past due by the displayed number of days. If the number has a negative (-) sign, it displays the number of days remaining before it becomes past due.
Crit: if the part is critical, a bold red "Y" is displayed ("Yes"), otherwise an "N" is displayed ("No"). Critical parts are those which are in high demand from Honeywell customers; those cores should be returned as soon as possible.
A-List Price: the price displayed is New Price x Quantity Owed. It is the value of this order that will be billed (minus discount) if remaining cores are not returned.

2. View Comments: click this button to display the Comments screen. All comments related to this specific order/line item will be displayed in Comments History. You may add a new comment for the Core Returns Administrator in the Comments screen, if you wish.

3. Primary Selections: you must make these selections and click the Submit button before the remainder of the page can be displayed.
Quantity of Parts to Return: 
enter the number of parts you will be returning in this core shipment to Honeywell. Click the black triangles to increment or decrement the number (if Qty Issued was 1, this field will default to 1 and changes will not be permissible). * This is a required field.
you will not be able to choose a number higher than the amount displayed in the OWE field.
Type of Parts to Return:
 choose whether parts are serialized or non-serialized. * This is a required field.
Are you returning hazardous materials: 
if core contains hazardous materials, choose "Yes" (the correct shipping carrier will be identified on the next screen). The default is "No".

4. Submit: click this button to submit primary selections and display the remainder of the page - Return a Core (Serialized) or Return a Core (Non-Serialized). You will get an error message if any required fields are not completed.
Close: click this button to return to the previous screen.