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Report: Detailed Core (results screen)

Report: Detailed Core (results screen)

This screen displays detailed cores based on selected criteria.


1. Search Criteria: when you move your cursor over this link, a box appears which displays the search criteria used to retrieve the records visible on this page.

2. Download Results as Excel or Pipe (|) Delimited: you may download your report results into your favorite spreadsheet or database program for further analysis. Click on the word Excel to download a file in XLS format. Click on the words Pipe (|) Delimited to download a file in TXT format which uses the pipe (|) character to tell your spreadsheet or database program where the data should be broken into columns.

3. Page X of X/Next/Previous: here is where you can navigate through the records in your report result. Page X of X tells you how many pages of records are in this result set. If there is more than one page, there will be a drop-down list that will allow you to select another page in the result set. Click the Next or Previous links to move to the next page in the result set.

4. No of Matches found: displays the number of records that match your report criteria.

5. Report Detail: this section displays detailed information about your report results. Click the black triangles to sort columns ascending or descending (all records will be sorted, not just the records displayed on this page).
Cust. P.O. #: customer's supplied purchase order number.
Honeywell Order #: order number of part shipped/issued to the customer.
Order Line #: the line number of part shipped/issued to the customer.
Desc: description of part shipped/issued to the customer.
Part #: part number shipped/issued to the customer.
Qty: quantity of part(s) shipped/issued to the customer.
Cond. Code: condition code of the part(s) shipped/issued to the customer. Codes may vary by facility, but generally, B = exchange part, C/D/K/P = special order/pricing.
Core Due Date: the date when the core is due to be returned. By default, each customer has 30 days to return the core, except for Garrett consignment customers, who have 60 days.
Time Status: standardized bucket of days that have passed since the part was shipped/issued to the customer.
Core Record Status: displays OPEN for records where a core is still owed and CLOSED for records where a core is no longer owed.
Critical: if the part is critical, a bold red "Y" will be displayed ("Yes"), otherwise "N" will be displayed ("No"). Critical parts are those which are in high demand from Honeywell customers; those cores should be returned as soon as possible.
Cust. Name: customer's name.
Cust. Code: Honeywell legacy customer code.
Orig. Cust. Name: Warranty or MSP customer name from ship-to address.
Prod. Line: product line usage of part ordered/shipped to the customer.
A-List Price: the price displayed is New Price x Quantity OWED. This is the value of this order that will be billed (minus discount) if the core is not returned.
Core Admin: assigned Core Returns Administrator for this customer code.

6. Close: click this button to return to the previous page.