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Report: Detailed Core (selection screen)

Report: Detailed Core (selection screen)

Use this screen to select criteria for reporting on cores in detail.


1. Source System: this list displays all Source Systems which are used to populate records in the Core Returns database. (e.g., Phx Supply Chain Services -AVS). If you order parts from different facilities, each facility will have its own source system where data is stored, and you must filter the records by that facility's source system.
Note: For users with only one source system assignment (core records are not at multiple Honeywell sites), their Source System will be displayed by default. Users with cores in multiple source systems must select from the drop-down list before a search can be performed.

2. Selection Criteria: select items from these sections to filter your report data.
Customer: click a name to select from a specific customer code or select ALL. To select multiple customer codes, click on a customer code to select, then hold down the CTRL key and click another name to select; continue holding down the CTRL key for additional selections. Caution: if you release the CTRL key and make another selection, only the last selection will be active - all previous selections will be ignored.
Core Due Date Range: select a core due date range for your report.
Fiscal: select a range based on the accounting month. Choose Year and Month from the drop-down lists.
Calendar: select a range from a selected calendar date to any other calendar date. Enter a date or click on the Calendar icon to select a beginning date (From) and an ending date (To). To clear the dates from the fields, click the Calendar icon and click the Clear button.
Note: manually entered dates must be in the format MM/DD/YY (two-digit month, two-digit day, two-digit year; e.g., 01/03/04 is January 3, 2004).
Useful Tip: if, when clicking the Calendar icon, the window opens and calendar application does not appear, close the new window and refresh the page, then click the Calendar icon again. Calendar application will not function if Java is disabled in the user's browser.  
Type of Cores: select either records which have critical or non-critical part numbers, or both. Critical parts are those which are in high demand from Honeywell customers; those cores should be returned as soon as possible.
Types of Cores: select records where cores are still due (Open), where cores are no longer due (Closed), or Both.

3. Submit: click this button to submit the criteria and display the resulting report.