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Returned Core details

Returned Core details

Use this page to view and edit information on completed Core Return Tags for a selected order/line item.


1. Header Information: information in the top section is related to the selected order number (H-invoice, SalesOrder/WorkOrder). Order number is an active link which, when clicked, will open the Details screen for the selected order number. Fields in Header Information section include:
Cust PO No: customer's supplied purchase order number.
Order No: selected order number (H-invoice, SalesOrder/WorkOrder).
Line No: line item number of selected shipped/issued part.
Part No: shipped/issued part number.
Part Condition Code: condition code of the part(s) ordered. Codes may vary by facility, but generally, B = exchange part, C/D/K/P = special order/pricing.
Cust Name: name of the customer to whom the part was shipped/issued.
Cust Code: Honeywell legacy system customer code under which part was shipped/issued.
Source System: Honeywell legacy system where the original information is found.
Core Admin: name of Core Returns Administrator assigned to this customer code.

2. Core Return Tag information: information in this section displays the information entered by the customer into the Return a Core screen.
No: item number of the core return shipment.
Reprint Core Tag: click the printer icon to reprint the Core Return Tag for the selected returned core.
Total Qty Rtn'd: total quantity in this returned core shipment.
Accept Core Override: if core override was allowed for this shipment, "Y" will be displayed ("Yes"); otherwise, "N" will be displayed ("No"). The Core Returns application does not generally allow a non-acceptable part number to be submitted to Honeywell through the Return a Core screen, but under special circumstances, a Core Returns Administrator may allow a non-acceptable core for an order/line item. (See Core Returns Details screen for more information.)
Core Tag Print Date: date customer completed the Return a Core screen and printed a Core Return Tag.
Life Log Cards?: if the customer specified that Life Log Cards would be included in the shipment, "Y" will be displayed ("Yes"); otherwise, "N" will be displayed ("No").
(See sections C and D for descriptions of the next 4 fields)
Cust Unit Rtn'd: part number of returned core, as specified by the customer.
Qty Rtn'd: quantity of this specific part number returned in this shipment. This shipment may contain more than one acceptable part number which could satisfy this core requirement.
S/N Rtn'd: serial number of the returned part, if applicable.
RMA No: RMA number, if applicable and entered by customer.
Note: for some source systems (such as Phx Reclamation Ctr -AVS), this field will appear as Eng. S/N (engine serial number).

3. Core Ship Date: date core would be shipped, as specified by the customer.
Carrier: shipping carrier, as selected by the customer, is displayed.
Airway Bill No: tracking number, as specified by the customer, is displayed. This is an active link which, when clicked, will open the shipping carrier's company website and enter the tracking number to display the present location.
Edit: Click this button to open a dialog box that will allow you to change Core Ship Date, Carrier, and Airway Bill Number information.

4. Additional Information: this is reference information the customer may wish to enter, up to 255 characters (for example: customer repair order information).
Edit: Click this button to open a dialog box which will allow you to change Additional Information.

5. Close: click this button to return to the previous screen.


I shipped cores back to Honeywell without creating Core Return Tags. How will those cores appear on the website?

If you ship cores back to Honeywell without creating Core Return Tags, the records for those cores will still appear on the website as OPEN until we have received the cores at Honeywell. Your OWE quantity displays according to what has been received at Honeywell as well as any in-transit quantities, and any cores returned without Core Return Tags will not appear in-transit. Therefore, your OWE quantity may not display the correct quantity owed to Honeywell unless you consistently use the Core Return Tag feature. Additionally, if you are receiving email alerts of owed cores and wish the list to reduce in size as you return cores to Honeywell, you can see those adjustments sooner if you complete Core Return Tags; otherwise, you will see those cores on the list until we have received them at Honeywell.

I believe I have returned all the cores owed for this order/line item. Why is it still open?

An order/line item record will remain OPEN until all cores have been received, repair orders have been generated, the Out To Customer (OTC) records in the mainframe have been satisfied, and the changes have been transmitted through the daily upload process into the Core Returns application. Allow a reasonable amount of days for delivery of your core to Honeywell, depending on the shipping carrier and shipping method you choose. It may take a day or two for Honeywell to generate a repair order after receiving your part -- the repair order will, however, be given the correct date of receipt. After receiving, if the part is clearly marked as a core (the Core Return Tag is designed to eliminate confusion), the OTC record will be satisfied, and the order/line item will be marked CLOSED in the next day's upload process.

If you have allowed a reasonable amount of time for your core return to satisfy the OTC record, you may click the View Comments button on the Core Returns Details screen for this order/line item. The Comments screen will display, and you will be able to send a "Customer Comment" (Comment Type) message to the Core Returns Administrator for research into the issue.