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Quick start customer user guide

Quick start customer user guide

Core Returns Alerts

  • Alert Management screen allows 2-way communication between the Core Admin and Customer.
  • If an order appears in the Alerts Management screen, click into the order to review the communication and respond.
  • Click the Bypass Alerts button to continue to the main Core Returns screen.

Search for Core Records


  • In the search screen, first, choose your source system. ERB/SPEX is for Avionics/LRU/SPEX orders.
  • Reclamation is for claim/MSP/Warranty cores. Supply Chain is for advance exchanges ordered in repairable condition (requiring a repairable core).


  • The above referenced fields allow filtering of core record data.
  • However, it is most useful to leave these all blank and just click Submit Search, as this will provide a list of open (no core tag printed) core records requiring return.

Core Returns Select


  • Click on the R button to return a core. Review/change information, then click the Submit button.


  • Fill out all required information (marked with *) and provide additional information as available.
  • Click Submit & Print Core Tag when finished. This will generate a pop-up screen from which you can print the core tag.
  • Be sure to enable pop-ups for this site!


  • Click on Batch to return a group of cores at one time.
  • Choose the Source System then click Submit Search to pull a list of all open core records.


  • Click to check the radio button for all cores you are returning at this time, then click Ready to Ship Selected Cores.


  • Fill in all required information and any additional information, then click Submit & Print Core Tags.
  • A separate window will pop up for printing.
  • Remember to enable pop-ups!


Why can't I see all of my records?

There may be any number of reasons why you may not be seeing the records you expect:

  • Your default settings are filtering out too many records.
    Remember there are defaults when you open the Search screen, and you may want to change those before submitting your search. For example, if you can't see any records for customer Bogus Airlines, it may be because you are not assigned as the CRA for Bogus Airlines and you have your name displayed in the Core Return Admin field. In this case, change the Core Return Admin field to ALL to see Bogus Airlines records in your search results.
  • You haven't cleared your previous filters before searching again.
    For example: if you have selected a specific customer in your previous search, and in this search you are trying to view customers for ALL Core Return Admins, you will still see only the selected customer in your new search unless you have reset the customer field to ALL by clicking the Clear button.
  • You haven't been assigned to all the customers or customer codes you are expecting.
    If your name is selected in the Core Return Admin field and you are not seeing customers you expect to see in your search results, you may not be assigned as Core Returns Administrator for every customer code you are expecting. You will need to review the Maintain Customer Information screen to make sure each customer code for your missing customers has a CRA assignment. For example, there are many customer codes for Bogus Airlines, but you may only be assigned as CRA for two of those codes, so you will not be able to view any records for the other codes unless you select ALL for Core Return Admin or unless you change the CRA assignment in the Maintain Customer Information screen.
  • You've filtered records until there are no records that match the criteria.
    For example, if you have no open cores with part number 12345-7 and condition code "D", you will not find any records if you search by part number 12345-7 but also select core status OPEN and condition code "D". In this case, change the condition code to ALL to see all open core records for part 12345-7, and change core status to ALL to see all core records for part 12345-7.
Why can't I use Quick Filters with other search critera?

Quick Filters were designed to select records based on the most common search criteria. As such, there are multiple search criteria in the logic of each Quick Filter, so other criteria on the screen must be ignored for the Quick Filter to work properly.

Why must I select Issued Part or Returned Part when using a search criterion in those sections?

Adding search criteria to both the Issued Part and Returned Part sections would likely result in NO RECORDS FOUND. If users enter criteria on both sides, they must choose which criteria to use for the current search by selecting either Issued Part or Returned Part to avoid an empty search result.

Can I change my default settings on the Search screen?

No. The default settings are set globally for all users according to business rules defined by Core Returns Administrators during the design of the application. There are fewer default setting restrictions, however, for Receiving Analysts and for Core Returns Administrators who are not assigned to specific customers (those users are assigned to a Source System through the Source System Assignment screen, not through the Maintain Customer Information screen).

Why does Core Record Status clear when I enter a Honeywell Order/Shipper number?

If you are looking for a specific order number, the line item record(s) may be OPEN or CLOSED. If the Core Record Status flag was set to OPEN, for example, and if your order number line items were CLOSED, nothing would display; the setting must, therefore, be reset to ALL so you can find the order number you have specified.