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Batch Core select

Batch Core select

Use this screen to select cores to return on the Batch Core Ship screen.


1. No of Matches found: displays the number of orders which match your search criteria. Each order may have multiple line items.

2. Search Criteria: when you move your cursor over this link, a box appears which displays the search criteria used to retrieve the records visible on this page.

3. Download Results as Excel or Pipe (|) Delimited: you may download your search results into your favorite spreadsheet or database program for further analysis. Click on the word Excel to download a file in XLS format. Click on the words Pipe (|) Delimited to download a file in TXT format which uses the pipe (|) character to tell your spreadsheet or database program where the data should be broken into columns.

4. Sort by: click the up arrow to sort records by the select column in ascending order. Click the down arrow to sort in descending order.
Ship?: check one or more boxes in this column to select the record for shipping on the Batch Core Ship screen.
Cust PO No: the customer-supplied purchase order number.
HON Order/Shipper No: 
the order number.
Line No: the line item number for this record.
Cust Code: the customer code from Honeywell legacy systems.
OWE Qty: the remaining quantity due to Honeywell, minus any in-transit quantities.
P/N Issued: the part number shipped/issued to the customer.
C/C: the condition code of the issued/shipped part. Review legacy system documents for definitions of individual condition codes.
Description: the description of the part.
Crit: if the part is critical, a bold red "Y" will be displayed ("Yes"), otherwise "N" will be displayed ("No"). Critical parts are those which are in high demand from Honeywell customers; those cores should be returned as soon as possible.
Date Shipped/Issued to Cust: the date the part was shipped/issued to the customer from Honeywell.
Original Core Due Date: the date when the core is due to be returned. By default, each customer has 30 days to return the core, except for Garrett consignment customers, who have 60 days.
Revised Core Due Date: the revised core due date set by the Core Returns Administrator. The CRA may enter an individual, non-recurring change to the due date for this particular order and line number through the Core Returns Details page. For example: if a customer contacts the CRA to inform them that the core will be returned three days late, the CRA may revise the due date to keep the item from appearing as past due.
Days Past Due: number of days after the Core Due Date. If the number is in bold red, it is past due by the displayed number of days. If the number has a negative (-) sign, it displays the number of days remaining before it becomes past due.
Serv Lvl Agrmnt: (Service Level Agreement) this field displays MSP or WTY (warranty) if applicable.
A-List Price: the price displayed is New Price x Quantity Owed. It is the value of this order that will be billed (minus discount) if remaining cores are not returned.

5. Select All: click this button to select all checkboxes on the page for shipping.
Deselect All: 
click this button to deselect all checkboxes on the page.

6, 7. Ready to Ship Select Cores: click here to open the Batch Core Ship screen and prepare to ship the selected cores (records with "Ship?" box checked).

Why can't I see all of my records?

There may be any number of reasons why you may not be seeing the records you expect:

  • Your default settings are filtering out too many records.
    There are default settings when you open the Search screen, and you may want to change those before submitting your search. For example, the default setting for Core Record Status is "OPEN", so if you want to see CLOSED records, you will need to change the default before you click the Submit Search button.
  • You haven't cleared your previous filters before searching again.
    For example: if you entered a specific part number (Issued Part) in your previous search, and in this search you are trying to view other part numbers, you will still see only the selected part number in your new search unless you have changed the part number, or removed the criteria by clicking the Clear button.
  • You haven't been assigned to all the customers or customer codes you are expecting.
    If you are not seeing records you expect to see in your search results, you may not be assigned as a contact for every customer code you are expecting. Each Honeywell source system may have multiple customer codes for a single customer, and each Core Returns application customer must be assigned to each customer code individually by the Core Returns Administrator.
    If you believe you are not seeing records for all customer codes to which you should be assigned, click the RFI link (on the gray bar at the top of each page) and send a message, stating: "I am not able to view all records for [Your Company Name]. I would like a Core Returns Administrator to make sure I am assigned in the Core Returns application as a contact for each customer code for this customer. Thank you."
  • You've filtered records until there are no records that match the criteria.
    For example, if you have had multiple shipments of part number 12345-7 and all shipments were condition code "B", you will not find any records if you search by part number 12345-7 and specify condition code "D". In this case, change the condition code to ALL to see all records for part 12345-7.
  • You are looking for records with no OWE quantity.
    The Batch screens only view records where OWE quantity is greater than zero. You will not be able to view CLOSED records or records where you have returned core tags for the full quantity of the original order.
Why do I have to select records before I can ship them?

There are several fields that are available for each core returned, some of which are required for completing a Core Return Tag, and those fields take up additional space on the screen. If your search results contained 50 records, for example, and if you only wanted to ship five of those records, you would have to find those records among 200 rows of data displayed on the screen. Therefore, we display only a single row of data for each record and allow you to select the ones that you wish to display with the additional data fields.

I shipped cores back to Honeywell without creating Core Return Tags. How will those cores appear on the website?

If you ship cores back to Honeywell without creating Core Return Tags, the records for those cores will still appear on the website as OPEN until we have received the cores at Honeywell. Your OWE quantity displays according to what has been received at Honeywell as well as any in-transit quantities, and any cores returned without Core Return Tags will not appear in-transit. Therefore, your OWE quantity may not display the correct quantity owed to Honeywell unless you consistently use the Core Return Tag feature. Additionally, if you are receiving email alerts of owed cores and wish the list to reduce in size as you return cores to Honeywell, you can see those adjustments sooner if you complete Core Return Tags; otherwise, you will see those cores on the list until we have received them at Honeywell.

I believe I have returned all the cores owed for an order/line item. Why is it still open?

An order/line item record will remain OPEN until all cores have been received, repair orders have been generated, the Out To Customer (OTC) records in the mainframe have been satisfied, and the changes have been transmitted through the daily upload process into the Core Returns application. Allow a reasonable amount of days for delivery of your core to Honeywell, depending on the shipping carrier and shipping method you choose. It may take a day or two for Honeywell to generate a repair order after receiving your part -- the repair order will, however, be given the correct date of receipt. After receiving, if the part is clearly marked as a core (the Core Return Tag is designed to eliminate confusion), the OTC record will be satisfied, and the order/line item will be marked CLOSED in the next day's upload process.

If you have allowed a reasonable amount of time for your core return to satisfy the OTC record, you may click the View Comments button on the Core Returns Details screen for this order/line item. The Comments screen will display, and you will be able to send a "Customer Comment" (Comment Type) message to the Core Returns Administrator for research into the issue.