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Telemetry, Tracking & Command (TT&C) Products

Telemetry, Tracking & Command (TT&C) Products

Our fully flexible transceiver delivers spacecraft to ground two-way communication that is both cost-sensitive and reliable.

The STC-MS03 is an integrated Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) transceiver which provides two-way radio communication between a spacecraft and ground infrastructure.

It is based on a Software Design Radio (SDR) implemented on a field programmable gate array and is designed to allow for fast customization to accommodate customer requirements.

The design approach adopts a flexible architecture that allows mission planners to change functional parameters in flight and optimize the selection of spacecraft antenna and ground stations, or to plan for mission profile changes after launch.

The critical role of the TT&C function makes it particularly difficult to miniaturize without compromising system reliability. The STC-MS03 is designed with specific attention to power and size to address the limited space and reduced battery capacity of small satellites. An extensive qualification campaign has been completed to establish full characterization of performance in the operation environment.

Honeywell’s S-Band TT&C product is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the most critical communication link of a spacecraft to ground. It is a third-generation product with strong heritage and the product architecture combines a cost-sensitive approach with the reliability demanded by the application.

Our latest generation of this product (STC-MS03) is compatible with requirements of an ESA Class-3 flight and has been selected to fly in two such missions (CHEOPS and ESAIL).

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S-Band TT&C Transceiver
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