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OnBoard HUMS

Condition-Based Maintenance for the Connected Helicopter

RECON, the newest solution from Honeywell is taking condition-based maintenance to a whole new level, with big benefits for commercial and military helicopter operators. Using connectivity, RECON sends critical aircraft health indicators to operators in real-time. This means maintenance crews on the ground can measure the health and performance of their rotorcraft anytime, anywhere. This type of intelligence is key to keep aircrafts mission ready, boost safety and cut operational and maintenance costs.

RECON Key Benefits

Increased Safety


A proactive approach heads off accidents before they happen. Data signaling potential problems on one aircraft can be used to analyze an entire fleet comprehensively.


Mission Ready


Better maintenance planning means less unplanned downtime, faster turnaround and increased mission readiness to support the operator.


Reduced Costs

RECON substantially cuts maintenance / operating costs in the near term and over the life cycle of the helicopter.

More Data at Unprecedented Speeds

RECON is the next evolution of Honeywell’s Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) and processes data eight times faster compared with Honeywell’s previous generation systems. In fact, using RECON operators can reduce flight-test data acquisition by up to 85%. The system uses in-flight data processing and assessment with alerts that can be transmitted via satellite communication systems.

Hardware Aligned With Your Needs

Our newest solution brings you everything you need and nothing you don’t. RECON is a scalable and flexible solution that is built to align with platform and application needs. Compatible with existing Honeywell ground and web-based infrastructure. Honeywell’s HUMS product family provides a common hardware and software environment, so customers can easily upgrade to the new RECON system.

Key Features

  • Acquires and processes data eight times faster compared with Honeywell’s previous generation systems, reducing flight-test data acquisition time by up to 85%
  • Compatible with existing Honeywell ground and web-based infrastructure
  • Easily optimized to fit any operator’s application – advanced software design allows for rapid streamlined aircraft specific customization
  • Built to address evolving HUMS needs
  • Scalable and modular solution so operators buy only what they need