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Enhance situational awareness with New C-130 Cockpit Display System Retrofit

Optimize performance of your cockpit with our C-130 ATM upgrades that increase reliability and performance while reducing life cycle costs

Aging aircraft, budget constraints and pressing needs to maintain combat viability are all important drivers to innovate and bring forward new and better products and solutions. We constantly build upon our existing technologies and platform experience to present a comprehensive range of RMU solutions to extend the life of the C-130 aircraft.

Our C-130 retrofit includes all compulsory CNS/ATM requirements and much more, exceeding our competitors’ offers and being ready to address all airspace mandates and requirements for all upcoming airspace restrictions. Regardless of your theater of operation, our advanced technologies, products and services enhance mission-critical capabilities and deliver operational advantages in a cost-effective manner.

Be mandate-compliant and ready for mission

The C-130 CDS/R avionics retrofit configuration includes up to five large format LCD color displays, flight controls, air data and altitude sensors. This flexible core system can be augmented with a range of other functions to address communication, navigation and surveillance operational requirements and mandates. 

The main part of the system includes a configuration with three displays, with an integrated dual digital flight director and fully certified 3-Axis autopilot system. Two additional screens are available as an option for adding digital  engine instruments and a second MFD for the copilot. 

The Honeywell avionics certified for the C-130 retrofit are compatible with many of existing analog and digital systems and sensors on the aircraft or with a range of upgrade sensor options – sustaining mission effectiveness throughout the entire operational life cycle.

Main Benefits:

Improved safety

  • Enhances situational awareness
  • Enables strategic route planning
  • Large format displays

Flexibility and efficiency

  • Scalable system architecture
  • Flexible interface design integrates with legacy systems
  • Reduces weight, wiring and power requirements
  • Multiple display configurations

Easy maintenance:

  • Reduces maintenance cost and down time
  • Increases redundancy to provide better dispatchability
  • Increases reliability with the substantial reduction of line replaceable units (LRU)
  • With over 15 million flight hours on our Display Hardware and Auto Pilots reliability is a key factor to our customers