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RESCU 406SG Emergency Locator Transmitter

RESCU 406SG Emergency Locator Transmitter

The portable RESCU 406SG is crew-deployable, activates upon immersion in water and it has an internal GPS receiver that provides exact position for a fast rescue.

The portable RESCU 406SG emergency locator transmitter (ELT) is crew-deployable and activates instantly upon immersion in water or manually if necessary. It features an internal GPS receiver that provides exact position in the emergency signal transmission for fast rescue.

Designed for aircraft that operate over land and water, our portable RESCU 406SG ELT meets all global safety standards and crash survivability requirements to provide emergency transmission in the event of an aircraft impact. 

Our ELTs aid search and rescue operations by transmitting distress signals on the standard Guard frequency of 121.5 MHz, as well as the new 406 MHz developed to work with the COSPAS-SARSAT search and rescue system. Our optional AIM3 module eases ELT reprogramming by downloading the protocol message in the event an ELT is moved to a new aircraft.

The RESCU 406SG is available today for all aircraft platforms.


  • Convenient installation uses original 406S or 406SE mounting
  • Crew-deployable
  • Metal straps and latch secure the unit during crash and ensure quick removal during an emergency
  • No additional flight or cabin crew training
  • Portable and industry leading design
  • Honeywell ELTs are highly reliable and trusted for more than 30 years
  • Meets new lithium battery regulations

The RESCU 406SG is available today for all aircraft platforms.

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