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Advanced Air Mobility

Honeywell State of UAS and UAM Certification Guide

As Honeywell provides certifiable, mission-critical systems that make AAM vehicles fly, it’s essential to understand the certification landscape across all AAM segments. Business and government leaders, engineers, media and anyone else with an interest in the future of flight can use the Honeywell State of UAS and UAM Certification Guide to help navigate and communicate the complexities of vehicle certification and operational approval across multiple vehicle segments.

From the road to the air

We're harnessing the power of our engineering creativity and leveraging a century of proven pedigree in safe, efficient aviation to make urban air taxi travel, drone delivery of parcels, and all forms of electric and autonomous flight possible.

Alongside our partners, we're helping move transportation from the road to the air with electrically powered vertical take-off and landing aircraft for sustainable, high-speed air mobility.

Common Challenges

There are hurdles associated with taking transportation from the road to the air, and we're developing systems  and components to make it easier. 

New forms of air transport will require thousands of new operators, so aircraft must be simpler to fly – or autonomous.
Electric aircraft require integrated power systems to squeeze the maximum endurance and payload capacity from every watt.
Governments are rewriting the rules of aviation. Aircraft developers must be confident their systems will pass muster.
Noise, cost, convenience: winning acceptance from both customers and communities will be critical.

Partners in Advanced Mobility

Expertise at Work

Honeywell advanced air mobility solutions by flight application.

Passenger Transport
Our avionics and propulsion systems solve critical challenges posed by low-altitude, electric passenger aircraft.
Learn More
Large Uncrewed Aerial Systems
We apply decades of experience in flight controls and military UAVs to the unique needs of large uncrewed aircraft.
Learn More
Light Drones
From hydrogen fuel cells to detect-and-avoid systems, we’re enabling beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations.
Learn More

Systems Powering The Future of Flight

Our advanced air mobility technology solutions propel the future of air transport services.

Our avionics incorporate simplified vehicle operations, advanced fly-by-wire and the latest detect-and-avoid technology.
Read more
Honeywell powertrains maximize range, payload and endurance, and can accommodate any architecture.
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Radar Technology
Our air transport services and products have been helping operators reduce downtime and stay profitable for 100 years.
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