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Weather Information Service

Weather Information Service

Honeywell’s Weather Information Service app assists the flight crew in making strategic, in-flight decisions with respect to weather information by providing up-to-date weather data (e.g. along route, areas of interest, etc.). Additionally, Weather Information Service can provide optimization of the flight path due to the availability of the most recent weather information.

This service utilizes an electronic flight bag (EFB) datalink application that assists the flight crew in decision-making related to route safety and optimization. The system uses real-time weather and trend information from the cockpit, as well as enhanced communication including current weather, historical weather patterns, and weather forecast to give the flight crew the clearest view of weather.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces pilot workload 
  • Increases situational awareness 
  • Enhances operational safety 
  • Improves alternate route planning 
  • Reduces maintenance 
  • Reduces fuel use and emissions

Weather Products Include:

  • Radar displaying observed precipitation
  • Cumulonimbus Clouds displaying forecasted vertical convection and cloud top
  • Clear Air Turbulence (CAT) displaying forecasted clear air turbulence
  • Displaying cloud heights
  • 3-D winds aloft (presenting direction and speed)
  • Significant Meteorological Information (SIGMET)
  • Terminal Area Conditions (METAR) / Terminal Area Forecast (TAF/D) / Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS)
  • Icing
  • Flight plan uplink and display, helpful for planning route modifications
  • Vertical profile presentation for uplinked flight plan
  • Lightning strike data

New Features in Weather Information Service version 2.0

  • Related airports feature automatically pulls up departure and destination airports based on route to save time - additional airports can be added for quick reference
  • Japan and South Korea ground radar coverage added
  • Easier license management for large fleets
  • Preflight briefing PDF support
  • Numerous user interface improvements

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Brochures  (2)
Weather Information Service
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Weather Information Service - Quick Reference Guide
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