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Why Your Passengers Deserve the Total Ka-Band Experience

Why Your Passengers Deserve the Total Ka-Band Experience

Why Your Passengers Deserve the Total Ka-Band Experience

Business jet passengers are easy to please when it comes to inflight Wi-Fi. They just want the same kind of online experience they get in their office or living room. On the runway and at 40,000 feet. Without interruption. Everywhere they fly. With enough bandwidth to stream live video. Or do anything else, for that matter.

Aircraft owners, operators and flight departments have lots of options when it’s time to choose airtime services, network service providers, cabin connectivity services and satellite communications hardware.

But when it comes right down to it, you have one choice if you want to deliver the ultimate passenger experience now and position yourself for the kind of performance passengers will expect in the years to come. Your passengers deserve the kind of experience that is only available with a solution using satellites that operate at the high end of the radio frequency band – the Ka-Band.

Chances are your passengers don’t know (or care) very much about the frequency band used by their airplane’s SATCOM system. All they care about is getting connected, staying connected and being productive and entertained from the minute they buckle in to the minute the aircraft taxis up to the hangar at their final destination. It’s your job to care about how that all happens.

How Ka-Band Networks Outperform the Ku-Band

You really have just two choices if you want to deliver the kind of experience most business jet passengers want in today’s always-connected world – Ka-Band or Ku-Band. The Ku-Band is a legacy system, Ka-Band capabilities have gained rapid popularity over the past few years thanks to its superior speed and reliability.

Ku-Band solutions operate in the 12-18-GHz radio frequency range and can deliver speeds as high as 1.5-6 Mbps, while Ka-Band solutions operate at 26.5-40-GHz and offer considerably faster speeds, typically in the 4.6 to 20 Mbps range but reaching speeds of 33 Mbps under ideal conditions.

The higher the frequency, the more bandwidth you can send through the system. That means your onboard router can handle more connected devices, internet connections are better, big files download and upload faster, and passengers will see less buffering when they teleconference, watch the big game live or stream online content.

Ku-Band systems offer good connectivity in some regions. But coverage can be spottier and less consistent, especially outside the U.S., because Ku-Band networks rely on older and slower satellites.

Ka-Band Offers Consistent, Reliable Coverage and Speeds

On the other hand, Ka-Band satellite networks operated by Inmarsat and ViaSat provide more consistent coverage, greater reliability and faster speeds. For example, the Inmarsat constellation includes four fifth-generation satellites that provide nearly global coverage (except for the poles), even on transoceanic flights. Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX network offers committed data rates of 6 Mbps – an industry first – to provide your passengers the most consistent online experience in business aviation.

While there are no known plans to add satellites to existing Ku-Band networks, Ka-Band providers are looking to the future. Inmarsat has a fully funded technology roadmap that includes adding seven more satellites to its Global Xpress network with the first going up this year. More satellites mean more capacity and even better service for your passengers as demand for inflight connectivity continues to expand.

So, it’s clear that choosing the Ka-Band is the best option when you’re ready to deliver the ultimate connectivity experience for your passengers. It’s a solution you won’t outgrow quickly, like you might if you choose a Ku-Band option. It will add to the current and future value of your aircraft. But, most importantly, it charts a course for future growth so you’re all set to meet passengers’ ever-increasing demands for better, faster, more reliable inflight Wi-Fi in the years to come.

JetWave Delivers the Best Ka-Band Experience …

You can deliver the best-available cabin connectivity experience and future-proof your airplane with Honeywell’s proven JetWave high-speed satellite communications system, which operates on the Ka-Band network, of course. More than 2,500 operators have installed JetWave in less than five years, making this one of the most successful satellite communications products we’ve ever launched – and we pioneered the first inflight SATCOM technology three decades ago.

JetWave is the culmination of all that experience in a single, affordable package, with an extremely attractive total cost of ownership compared to other available options. There has never been a better time to invest in a JetWave solution.

… At a Very Attractive Fly-Away Price

For a limited time Honeywell is offering special incentives, including a special introductory package for Challenger 6XX, Global Express, Global 5000 Classic, Falcon 2000 and Falcon 900 operators that can save you up to $150,000 overall when you install JetWave and sign up for JetConneX service. Other incentive programs are available that can reduce your costs by $100,000 or more.

When you buy JetWave you’re getting more than the best satellite communications hardware flying. Every JetWave system comes with Honeywell Forge, our unique cabin connectivity solution designed to help you manage costs and get the most out of your satellite communications investment, and our legendary aftermarket service with dedicated connectivity specialists always available to answer your questions and solve your issues.

Choosing the right airtime service plan is easy with Honeywell Forge Experience Packages. All you have to do is choose which of the three Experience Packages best matches your passengers’ connectivity needs. Options include the Honeywell Forge Elite Experience package, which offers our highest throughput capabilities; the Honeywell Forge Comfort Experience Package, which delivers a living room-like experience; or the Honeywell Forge Office Experience Package, designed for users looking for a business office in the sky experience.  

Find out more by contacting your Honeywell representative today, calling 1-888-634-3330 or emailing us at honeywellforge@honeywell.com.

Bret Aldieri
Sr. Director Cabin Connectivity


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