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How to Choose Your Ideal Cabin Connectivity Experience

How to Choose Your Ideal Cabin Connectivity Experience

What do you want to do when you fly in a business jet?

Maybe you’re looking for an “office in the sky” so you can check email, use business applications, send and receive big files, and sign into the corporate network. Maybe you want a living room experience that lets you stream HD video and watch live television broadcasts. Or maybe you want all of that and more, with the highest data rates available and personalized “white glove” service and support.

But maybe you’re not quite sure what you want. Many Honeywell Forge customers tell us they have a hard time picking an airtime service plan because they’re not sure how much data they need today or how much they’ll consume in the months and years ahead.

Choosing the right airtime service plan is easy with Honeywell Forge Cabin Connectivity Experience Packages. You don’t have to pull out a calculator to estimate megabytes, hours, uploads or downloads. All you have to do is choose which of the three Experience Packages best matches your connectivity needs.

Honeywell Forge cabin connectivity specialists can help evaluate your aircraft configuration to make sure it’s a match for the plan you want and the way you want to fly. For more information or if you need a hand choosing the best Experience Plan for your particular situation, give us a call at 1-888-634-3330 (Ext 7) or email sales.honeywellforge@honeywell.com.

Honeywell Forge Office Experience Package

The Honeywell Forge Office Experience Package is designed for users looking for a “business office in the sky” experience that helps them stay on top of their work responsibilities and use business collaboration tools whenever and wherever they fly

  • Always-on connections for text, email and business apps
  • Site-to-site virtual private network capability
  • Enough bandwidth to teleconference and stream video
  • No separate password needed with your company sign-in 

Honeywell Forge Comfort Experience Package

Business jet passengers have high expectations these days and the Honeywell Forge Comfort Experience Package meets them. It’s designed to emulate your “living room” experience, with emphasis on the ability to stream live or prerecorded video simultaneously to all devices onboard.

  • Optimized for video to minimize buffering
  • Configuration tools and capped speeds to prevent overages
  • Country specific content available
  • Content player provided and configured to display on bulkhead monitors
  • Direct access to a dedicated support engineers

Honeywell Forge Elite Experience Package

The Honeywell Forge Elite Experience Package is built with the most discriminating passengers in mind. Using our highest throughput capabilities it provides the kind of high-speed access you need for premium video and other applications that demand the ultimate in speed, reliability and availability.

  • Optimized for multiple users with mixed requirements
  • Improved quality of experience for videos and apps
  • Includes services for redundancy and crew isolation
  • Stackable services and discounts on optional services
  • Dedicated concierge support

Honeywell is the only company to offer a complete connected aircraft solution, including the JetWave satellite communications system, which uses the Ka-Band to provide fast, reliable onboard Wi-Fi anywhere you fly.

Regardless of the Experience Package you choose, you can count on Honeywell Forge to help you deliver the ultimate cabin connectivity experience for your passengers. Honeywell Forge is our all-in one cabin connectivity, flight services and flight database solution, which complements JetWave and is hardware agnostic, which means it works with any satellite communications system. 

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