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Meet the Honeywell Forge Customer Support Team

Meet the Honeywell Forge Customer Support Team

Just a few years ago it was out of the question to make phone calls or check emails from an airplane let alone conduct video conference calls or stream a movie. But now, seamless internet is not only expected, it’s required for private jet passengers to conduct business – anytime, from anywhere.

Knowing how critical Wi-Fi is, how do you make sure it’s always available tens of thousands of feet in the air?

Thanks to a dedicated team of aviation and connectivity experts known as the Honeywell Forge Customer Support Team – customers using SATCOM hardware and cabin connectivity services from Honeywell never have to worry about internet reliability.

Specialized experience

The Honeywell Forge team is a group of worldwide experts versed in all Honeywell Forge services and Honeywell products, hardware and technology, especially focused on cabin and cockpit services in the business aviation sector.

Honeywell Forge subscribers can reach a team member anytime, 24/7/365, via email at or by calling toll free in the U.S. at (888) 377-5375 or internationally at +33 1 8740 6625.

“A major differentiator for the Honeywell Forge team is we walk the walk, and talk the talk,” said Kevin Cox, Honeywell Technical Support Manager, Connectivity for the Western Hemisphere. “We are airplane people, we are internet people and we are network people. We are a specialized group of individuals that understands all aspects of the aviation connectivity business. Our expertise and white-glove service are what makes our team indispensable.” 

Honeywell Forge - Global Sales & Tech Support Team

Years of knowledge 

Unlike competitors, the Honeywell Forge support team collectively has more than 200 years of aviation experience, making their know-how second to none. Team members are dedicated, responsive and available any time day or night. The team includes experts in a variety of different SATCOM systems as well as OEM integrated solutions. Because Honeywell is also a hardware provider, the team has direct access to hardware engineers, so a technical solution is much easier to uncover.

“The internet today is so important on airplanes that having Wi-Fi problems is almost like an engine that won’t start,” added Cox. “Sometimes a customer won’t want to fly if the internet isn’t working properly and that’s where we come into play.”

“Ensuring our customers have working internet at the highest level possible is our primary focus. We want to make sure the passenger in the back of the plane – the executives and high net-worth individuals – have reliable, uninterrupted internet when they travel,” he added. “We are dealing with executives doing million-dollar deals as they fly. They are counting on connectivity and cannot afford to be indisposed while in the air.”

Support when and where you need it

While many problems are able to be solved online, over email or on the phone, if these efforts aren’t successful, a Honeywell Forge team member can be onsite to address an issue in just a few short hours. No matter where customers are located – anywhere around the world - there is a Honeywell Forge customer support team member nearby. 

“Saving the day for customers every day - it’s what we do all the time and it’s why we’ve earned our customers’ trust,” said Cox.

Honeywell Forge and COVID-19

Honeywell goes the extra mile, especially right now. The Honeywell Forge team has had to modify the way customers are supported during the COVID-19 global pandemic. The team is working hard to adapt to limitations while still offering gold-standard service to customers. While it is challenging to see customers face-to-face right now, the Honeywell Forge team members are doing more virtual visits and developing creative ways to think outside-the-box to support customers during this unprecedented time. 

Kevin Cox
Technical Support Manager, Honeywell Forge


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