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Business Jet Cabin Connectivity
Business Jet Cabin Connectivity

Connectivity Enablers & Hardware

Only Honeywell’s JetWave satellite communications system gives you an in-flight Wi-Fi experience comparable to what you get on the ground, anywhere you fly. It’s fast, reliable, secure and always available from the moment you climb onboard until you touch down and taxi. JetWave is the hardware that allows you to connect to Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX Ka-Band network, the fastest broadband available for business aviation.

 JetWave Wikipedia page

The Aspire family of satellite communications systems for business aircraft and helicopters provides seamless in-flight connectivity on Inmarsat’s L-Band SwiftBroadband network. Included is the Aspire 400 SATCOM, which delivers high-speed voice and data communications in a compact package. The Aspire 200 is a enables all classes of aircraft to connect to SwiftBroadband service and is the first SATCOM to mitigate the issue of rotor blades interrupting and slowing communications from helicopters.

GoDirect Router
The Honeywell GoDirect Router gives you all the speed, performance and reliability of today’s best routers in a package that costs less and is 65 percent smaller, 45 percent lighter and uses 35 percent less power. Multiple routers can be installed anywhere on your aircraft in a distributed architecture, which will provide optimum coverage throughout the cabin and flight deck and provide true redundancy at a fraction of the previous cost.

Sky Connect
The Sky Connect family of mission management systems provides the ideal solution for helicopter operators needing to monitor the location and mission status of their fleet. Sky Connect Tracker III is the new technology core of the proven and trusted Sky Connect family, ensuring excellence in reliability, service and support.

Aircraft Data Gateway
Honeywell’s aircraft data gateway lets you wirelessly move data between an aircraft and ground operations, dramatically improving the process of uploading software and database updates to your aircraft and downloading critical performance and fault data from key systems on the aircraft.

Edge Nodes
The Honeywell 1 Aero Edge Node can be installed near legacy line replaceable units on your aircraft to draw take data from the unit and make it available to flight crews, in real time, and maintenance crews to enable predictive and prescriptive maintenance. The nodes are small and lightweight, so they can be installed in a series to create an onboard mesh network.

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