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Great Airborne Routers Come In Small Packages

Great Airborne Routers Come In Small Packages

In-flight Wi-Fi has come a long way. Today’s best systems are fast, reliable and convenient, creating a great connected aircraft experience in the cockpit and the cabin.

Business aircraft passengers don’t really care how all the “magic” happens. They just want to buckle in, boot up, sign on and enjoy the same kind of Wi-Fi experience they get at the ground, while cruising at 25,000 feet.

They want to send that important email, collaborate with the team on the big sales pitch and lead a videoconference. And when the work is done, they want to use social media to stay in touch with family and friends, watch the big game, or kick back to view the latest must-see cable series.

All without worrying about the Wi-Fi going down, dead spots in the cabin or other problems that can disrupt the connected experience.

Behind the scenes, operators know it takes a combination of routers and wireless access points to provide fast, reliable nose-to-tail Wi-Fi coverage. Up until now that has been a challenge – partly because of cost and partly because of the size and weight of a conventional router box.

Honeywell has fixed those problems with our new GoDirect Router. That’s good news for flight departments charged with providing their passengers with bulletproof Wi-Fi, and it’s good news for busy business leaders who need reliable service from wheels-up to wheels-down.

In the most important advancement in router technology in years, Honeywell has reinvented the airborne router – slashing size, weight and power consumption – without sacrificing any of the functionality, speed, performance or reliability business jet operators need.

The good news for operators is that our engineers also addressed the affordability issue. With its innovative, compact design the GoDirect Router is priced 70 percent below the cost of current-generation routers. Its low cost – combined with its compact size – means you can install the GoDirect Router at multiple locations on the aircraft, acting as a router or a wireless access point. This provides true redundancy and much better Wi-Fi coverage in the cabin and on the flight deck.

Here are a few numbers for you technical types to ponder. Today’s conventional router takes up about 2 MCU of real estate in the avionics bay, weighs around eight pounds and consumes about 50 watts of power. The GoDirect Router measures just 8.2x5.6x1.75 inches, making it 65 percent smaller than a conventional router. It weighs less than 4.2 pounds, so it’s 45 percent lighter, and it only demands around 30 watts, for power savings of up to 35 percent.

Most people believe routers need to have large processors to handle passengers’ demand for Wi-Fi speed and reliability. But these days connected devices do most of the processing, which enabled us to answer operators’ demands for a better, smaller, more cost-effective package.

With the GoDirect Router, you get the first true distributed architecture for the connected aircraft. You can install multiple routers at various locations on your aircraft to provide better Wi-Fi coverage and new levels of redundancy in case one unit fails. All this makes the GoDirect Router ideal for all classes of business aircraft, from light jets to the Boeing Business Jet. Its size, weight and cost also makes it perfect for installation on commercial helicopters.

Backed by Honeywell – the world leader in connected aircraft solutions – the GoDirect Router breaks the mold for airborne routers and gives you the functionality you need to meet today’s connectivity demands.

The bottom line is better airborne Wi-Fi, a more efficient flight crew and happier passengers. Even if they don’t know what goes on behind the curtain.

Tom Murray
Senior Marketing Communications Specialist


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