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Share Live Video Onboard with Honeywell Forge

Share Live Video Onboard with Honeywell Forge

With the right hardware, network and airtime service, your business jet can have the bandwidth to connect everyone in the cabin with Wi-Fi that is comparable to the ground. Passengers connect with their own devices to surf the net, log onto the company server or even stream live video.

Most of the time, they connect independently and do their own thing. But sometimes, multiple passengers will want to watch the same live presentation, newscast or sporting event at the same time. Streaming the same live video to a half-dozen devices uses a lot of bandwidth.

For example, watching live video consumes about 1 mbps per device at 720p and even more at higher resolutions. Data consumption can add up pretty quickly if five or six devices on a flight are connected to a live business presentation or sporting event – to the tune of as much as 500 gigabytes per hour, which can amount to several thousand dollars in data charges, depending on your data plan. 

Now, Honeywell Forge has a way for users to share the media stream, reduce data consumption and save money.

Our new co-sharing media offering comes standard with the new Version 10 of Honeywell’s GoDirect routing software for your Honeywell CNX-900 or GoDirect router. The software lets passengers watch the same live video program on up to six devices, one of which can be used to send the signal to a smart cabin monitor using IOS, Android, Roku and Fire TV. Other passengers can continue to use the Wi-Fi for other applications.  

The result of all this is a better viewing experience for everyone using the co-sharing application. The new software reduces buffering and improves the quality of the data stream, creating a live-viewing experience comparable to the one passengers experience on the ground.

For more information contact your Honeywell Forge representative. 

Julie Vasquez
Director Offering Management, Honeywell Forge


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