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GoDirect Router Blazes a New Path in Connectivity

GoDirect Router Blazes a New Path in Connectivity

When Honeywell introduced the GoDirect Router in 2018 the aviation community took notice and with good reason. After all, the GoDirect Router was one of the biggest advancements in onboard router technology in a decade. It’s all-new, fresh-sheet-of-paper design lets operators realize the full potential of their connected-aircraft investment.

Honeywell introduced its new Honeywell Forge portfolio of in-flight connectivity, flight planning and optimization, and database services for business aviation in March, but retained the GoDirect brand name for the GoDirect Router.

The router has received high marks for its low cost, size, weight and power consumption, and rightly so. The GoDirect Router costs 70 percent less than competing routers and is 65 percent smaller, 45 percent lighter and uses 35 percent less power than comparable products.

But what many observers sometimes miss is how we were able to make these and other step-change design improvements and still deliver the kind of performance that passengers demand and operators need to deliver.

Honeywell engineers were quick to recognize the power of distributed processing. Over the last 15 years, processors have become pervasive and personal devices (like smartphones and tablets) now carry the lion’s share of the processing load.

At the same time, the connectivity ecosystem has matured and we’ve seen processing power migrate from the aircraft to the ground. In fact, most connected cabin services and features now rely on secure ground-based processors, rather than processors embedded in the router installed on the aircraft.

Most of the airborne routers in service today are stuffed with unnecessary processing power that adds to their cost, size, weight and power requirements, without adding much to the connectivity equation. Conventional routers have more embedded processing power, but in the ecosystem of the 2020s, that level of processing on the router level goes to waste.

Honeywell freed the GoDirect Router to do what it does best, move data on and off your aircraft efficiently and reliably. Most of the processing takes place on your personal device and at the access point on the ground, providing you and your passengers with the best-available, fully secure connectivity experience.  

Equipped with the latest generation processor, the GoDirect Router can handle as many as 50 connected onboard devices simultaneously. It also adds an additional layer of security through a trusted personality module.

With multiple-in, multiple-out antenna (MiMo) capabilities the GoDirect Router provides your aircraft with nose-to-tail and wall-to-wall coverage. In addition,  with its compact size, affordable cost and integrated software, it provides the option to install multiple GoDirect Routers,  providing redundancy to make sure you’re always connected. The units act in tandem to seamlessly switch coverage if one unit is unavailable. In addition, they can support a seamless transition to a secondary satellite communications system and back to primary.

The GoDirect Router is flexible enough to meet your needs today and enable future upgrades, including future satellite and air-to-ground communications system technologies. It uses the aviation industry’s latest Wi-Fi radio standards and Global 4G LTE technologies and features built-in gigabyte Ethernet connections.

For more information on the GoDirect Routercontact us.

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