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Honeywell Forge Flight Services

Your all-in-one solution for flight planning and support

Honeywell Forge opens the door to a wide range of flight services, that make life easier for flight crews and operations team. For starters, you can leverage Honeywell’s unique flight-planning engine to create a perfect flight plan every time and, if you need a little help, our experienced team of flight planners and dispatchers is a your disposal 24/7/365. Other Honeywell Forge flight services take flight planning and management to even higher levels, making Honeywell and extension of your flight department.

Flight Planning

We recently improved the Honeywell Forge solution by partnering with ForeFlight to enable integration with ForeFlight Dispatch as a value-added option for Honeywell Forge customers. ForeFlight is one of business aviation’s most capable, trusted and easy-to-use flight planning services. You can access Honeywell Forge or ForeFlight flight-planning software easily through the Honeywell Forge dashboard.

Honeywell Forge and ForeFlight Dispatch come together to create an unbeatable combination of capabilities that will help pilots, flight planners and dispatchers manage planning, tracking, datalink, connectivity, and operational requirements – all with a single integrated platform, accessible with one log-in.


Dispatch Services

Honeywell Forge Dispatch is Honeywell’s concierge-level service that takes flight planning, flight following and problem solving to the next level.

Our experienced team get you where you want to go, when you want to get there, and help you create the “no surprises” experience passengers and crews want – every flight. With Honeywell Forge Dispatch services, we help you address issues that can challenge even the best flight departments.

We do that by putting cutting-edge technology in the hands of the most capable team of flight control specialists in business aviation.

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Honeywell Forge Datalink provides anytime, anywhere two-way communications between the aircraft and ground. Our datalink services include free text messaging, oceanic and pre-departure clearance, weather information, custom short codes, controller-pilot datalink communications and more. The latest version of our datalink software is able to translate digital Automatic Terminal Information Service (D-ATIS) information for display on the pilot’s flight management system or electronic flight book screen.

Lite Link

Honeywell Forge offers a new, low-cost datalink plan called Lite Link. This new service package is designed for business and general aviation operators who fly less frequently. Lite Link provides basic communication services in the cockpit. It also reduces pre-flight pilot workload by uploading flight plans directly into the aircraft’s flight management system.


PBCS Monitoring

Honeywell Forge is proud to offer the aviation industry’s first proactive Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS) monitoring feature, helping operators almost immediately recognize when they’ve exceeded maximum allowed timing while using FANS data link. It provides PBCS monitoring data after each flight so the operator can quickly deal with any issues and retain the ability to fly the FANS reduced separated tracks. This feature is available exclusively to Honeywell Forge Datalink subscribers. Click here to learn more

Support Packages

Better, simpler, customer support solutions

Honeywell makes it easier for operators to plan and manage flights around the world by providing access to an end-to-end combined international flight services capability. International Trip Support, powered by Jetex, enables users to order fuel, price handling services, submit trips and review the status of their arranged services.

Standard with all new packages

24/7/365 support and access to software tech support for cabin or flight deck connectivity

Automated and configurable notifications through desired delivery method: email, text, in app

Datalink message passing to FBOs, company personnel, etc...

Flight Following in Forge dashboard

ForeFlight Dispatch flight plan integration within Forge and automated filing notifications and alerts

Everything in Support Plus package and a whole lot more

ForeFlight flight plan support and filing dispatch services

Multiple weather and NOTAM briefings before flight with updates during the flight

Active Flight Tracking and inflight delay avoidance with weather hazards

Collaborative decision making participant with priority slots and ATC traffic avoidance with FAA Air Traffic Flow Management participation

Customized operator profiles with emergency communications plan

Network monitoring ensure cabin connectivity and alerting

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