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Honeywell Forge Makes European Flight Planning Easy

Honeywell Forge Makes European Flight Planning Easy

Good news for business jet pilots and flight dispatchers. If you’re departing from, arriving at or overflying one or more of the 43 countries under EUROCONTROL operations – flight planning is about to get a lot easier thanks to Honeywell.

We’re making major improvements to our signature Honeywell Forge Flight Planning engine that will give you a real advantage when it comes to getting your flight plan approved by EUROCONTROL, without a lot of back and forth and manual rework, no matter how many countries you’re flying over and even if you’re flying a transatlantic route.

Filing a flight plan and getting it accepted in Europe has never been simple. Different countries have different rules governing the routes you want to fly and those rules are constantly changing. Even experienced pilots and dispatchers only succeed in getting their flight plan approved without changes about 50 percent of the time.

Honeywell Forge Flight Planning continuously monitors and considers more than European 22,000 rules and constraints, dramatically improving the chances of first time approval. As a result, pilots and dispatchers using the Honeywell Forge Flight Planning engine achieve a first-time acceptance rate of 90 percent on flight plans between any two European city pairs.

Honeywell software maintains a library of all known routes in the EUROCONTROL system and makes tens-of-thousands of calculations in the blink of an eye so you get the welcome “Validated Euro Route” message faster, more often and with less effort on your part. It also combines your flight plan with aircraft-specific data and lets you optimize your route for flying time or fuel burn.

The result of all this is less work and worry for pilots and dispatchers, more efficient and direct routes, and less likelihood of costly delays and mistakes.

Business jet operators can take another step to reduce stress and ensure a smooth flight from wheels-up to wheels-down, by using Honeywell Forge Sentinel, Honeywell’s white-glove service. The Honeywell Forge Flight Sentinel team monitors aircraft position and progress of your flight while looking ahead and keeping you informed of weather hazards, traffic congestion, ground delays or any other conditions that may affect your flight.

James Buckner
Senior Technical Sales Cockpit Services


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