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Repair Order details

Repair Order details

Open Orders: “On Time”, “Past Due”, and “Behind Schedule”

1. Order Status in Header & Part Detail

2. Ship Date is found in the Header if the part is inducted

3. Address Information may be updated when clicking the EDIT link (*domestic locations only)

4. Shipping Information may be edited by clicking the EDIT link

5. Documents may be uploaded or downloaded

6. Follow or Share order, Contact Honeywell, Cancel order (*Waiting for Unit status only), or add Order Comments to a case

Open Orders: “Hold” status.

There can be various actions required for HOLD status. When the Customer drills to the Order Details screen they are able to take action.

** This example is waiting on Customer Quote Approval.

7. Documents may be uploaded or downloaded. This is where the Repair Quote & Findings Report may be downloaded.

8. Quote Approval can be done by selecting the desired option and clicking Approve.

9. Quote can be shared

10. Follow or Share order, Contact Honeywell, and add Order Comments to a case.

Status of “Shipped”, “Closed”, Cancelled.

11. Order Status is found in two places – Header and Part Detail

12. Ship Date is found in the Header

13. Invoice document may be downloaded

14. Share order, Contact Honeywell, Submit Feedback, add Order Comments to a case

15. Activity Feed is available

16. Tracking information is available