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Search & Rescue

Improve mission readiness, dependability and performance with Honeywell solutions for search & rescue helicopter missions.

When lives are in the balance, every second counts. Honeywell ensures responsiveness to immediate needs as well as changes in mission requirements.



HUMS sensors and embedded diagnostic software monitor and communicate the health and maintenance needs of critical components. HUMS provides operators with a range of diagnostic tools to keep equipment at optimum operating condition. Whether flying into the eye of storm or through rugged mountainous terrain, the Search and Rescue operator flies in all conditions. A well maintained aircraft is critical for mission accomplishment and the Honeywell HUMS systems can provide better and faster diagnostics to keep your aircraft at its optimum level.

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Honeywell engines, including legacy Garrett and Lycoming systems, have been at the forefront of aircraft propulsion for more than 60 years. The Possibilities of Performance. Made Easy.

Integrated Avionics - Primus Epic for AgustaWestland AW139

Primus Epic FMS on the next generation of flight deck avionics is installed in some of the world’s most advanced aircraft. With the addition of Honeywell’s Interactive Navigation, INAV, the industry’s first system to allow simultaneous display of traffic, terrain, airspace, airways, airports and navigation aids, the Epic FMS delivers best-in-class functionality to the Epic integrated cockpit.

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Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP)

The HAPP maintenance service program takes the uncertainty out of avionics repair and maintenance costs. This program is widely adopted by operators around the world.

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Aspire 200 Satellite Communications System

The Aspire 200 satellite communications enables reliable, consistent, broadband-quality connectivity onboard helicopters. The system’s High Data Rate (HDR) software package mitigates the impact of the rotorblades on the satellite signal to and from the aircraft, creating a high-speed, high-bandwidth environment for pilots and passengers alike. The system enables a wide range of applications – from email and voice capabilities for the passenger in the cabin to real-time communications capabilities for the pilot to engine diagnostics and performance data sent in real-time to the maintenance personnel.

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Sky Connect

The Sky Connect Tracker Satellite Communications System enables total situational awareness over the Iridium satellite network. The single best way to maximize safety and efficiency for demanding missions is with a complete system that helps actively manage an operational fleet. Whether flying into the eye of storm or through rugged mountainous terrain, the Search and Rescue operator flies in all conditions and must know where their aircraft is at all times. Sky Connect is an Iridium Based Satellite communications system provides real time asset tracking, voice and data to the aircraft anywhere in the world.

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Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is particularly important in helicopter operations, given the fact that pilots spend a larger percentage of their flight time operating at low altitudes, in bad weather conditions and often in rugged terrain to accomplish critical missions like search and rescue, homeland security, law enforcement and oil and gas operations.

Improving flight safety is a high priority for the helicopter community – from aircraft manufacturers and system suppliers to owners, operators and pilots. Honeywell Aerospace has a century-long track record of developing technologies that improve the safety and efficiency of flight.

Radar Altimeters - Honeywell’s proven legacy in Radar Altimeter Systems provides the pilot with dependable, accurate altitude in all types of terrain and with the critical accuracy needed in tight situations.

Weather Radar - The Primus family of weather radars includes models that are well-suited for the needs of today’s light, medium and heavy helicopter models. Honeywell Weather Radar Systems enable the pilot to detect and avoid severe weather to allow mission accomplishment in bad weather environments. The short range performance and sea clutter reduction also enhance search and rescue mission performance.

EGPWS - Your EGPWS combines position, altitude, airspeed, glide slope, internal terrain, obstacles and airport databases to anticipate any potential conflict with your aircraft’s flight plan.

TCAS - Backed by Honeywell's worldwide network of support centers, our family of TCAS products offers you an extra measure of confidence wherever you fly. TCAS increases situational awareness through traffic avoidance by providing advisory information on the display and aural warnings.

Attitude & Heading and Inertial Navigation Products - Flying safely, efficiently and quickly is key to arriving on time. Honeywell’s advanced attitude, heading, and navigation systems provide the highest levels of civil certification and reliability to increase aircraft safety and availability into some of the most congested or remote locations. Honeywell offers a full suite of inertial products for the rotorcraft marketplace including the AH-1000 Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS), Embedded Global navigation satellite Inertial navigation system (EGI) for military applications, LASEREF VI Inertial Reference System (IRS) for civil applications.