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Converting Passenger to Cargo


In this economic environment, certainly extending your aircraft’s life beyond 2030 is a valuable investment. Airline operators and fleet owners considering converting their aircraft for cargo usage need to ensure reliable, efficient, and safe aircraft performance for their aging platforms. From nose to tail, Honeywell’s retrofits and RMU’s keep your fleet modern, connected and future ready, for potential upgrades on current solutions.


Flight Management System Upgrades

The Pegasus II Upgrade for Boeing 757s and 767s eliminates the need to maintain and load multiple databases for different regions.

Advanced Weather Radar Technologies

The RDR-4000 improves strategic rerouting and tactical maneuvering that allow pilots to find the most efficient route for on-time arrival, improved fuel efficiency, and safety.


The Mark V-A is Honeywell’s slide in upgrade for the Mark-V enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS). With 15 percent weight reduction, and 25 percent increase in reliability, the Mark V-A maximizes safety for your aircraft with constant terrain and obstacles monitoring.

LED Aircraft Lights

Nighttime is peak time for cargo flights. Our lights are lighter, produce less drag and reduce maintenance costs by up to 70 percent.

Integrated Multi-Mode Receiver (IMMR)

Honeywell’s Integrated Multi-Mode Receiver (IMMR) represents our latest technology in radio and GPS navigation capability. Integrating ILS, VOR, GLS and GPS functionality into a single product, the IMMR reduces overall operation and maintenance costs. Backward compatible with most MMR installations. 

TRA-100 B Mode S Transponder

Honeywell’s TRA-100B mode S is the newest transponder solution for Boeing and Airbus platforms. The TRA-100B increases safety in congested skies with Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcasting (ADS-B), compliant with the modern DO-260 mandates and providing growth capacity for future updates.

RTA-50D Data Radio (VDR)

The RTA-50D is Honeywell’s solution for VHF radio data, up to the best industry standard for high-speed datalink communications. Besides providing clear voice communication with air traffic control and other aircrafts, the RTA 50-D also operates as a data transceiver, enabling CPDLC use for approved airspaces.

ALA 52-B Radar Altimeter (RALT)

Overcome modern network challenges with Honeywell’s ALA 52-B radio altimeter (RALT). The ALA 52-B is a slide-in solution for Boeing and Airbus platforms that provides accurate digital height measurement during critical flight phases as approach, landing and climb-out, with no operational restrictions from the FAA and EASA due to recent 5G network implementation.

Magnetic Variation Update

Ensure that your aircraft’s inertial reference systems are up to date with Honeywell’s Magnetic Variation software. The MagVar table update enhances flight safety and avoids hazardous magnetic-related navigation errors by guaranteeing that no discrepancies occur between your onboard systems and published navigation procedures.


Keep your aircraft connected with Honeywell’s MARK II+ CMU, the state-of-the-art technology in data communication for airliners and business jets with full FANS, CPDLC, ATN PM-CPDLC and ACARS functionalities. The MARK II+ CMU enables analytics that improve fuel efficiency, ensures schedule integrity and facilitates operational efficiencies for large fleet operators.

DU Phase 3A

Upgrade your Boeing 737/777 displays to Honeywell’s latest DU Phase 3A, LED backlight technology ensures that your visualization of critical flight information is evenly lit and brighter. The DU Phase 3A upgrade maximizes your display unit’s reliability whilst reducing overall weight with the new package. 

RESCU 406 AFN2 and RESCU 406SG

The RESCU 406 AFN2 and RESCU 406SG are Honeywell’s Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) solutions available for all aircraft platforms. With a smaller, lighter and easy-to-use interface, the ELT is an automatic activation device that upon impact, transmits distress signals to aid search and rescue operations. Complies with new FAA/EASA standards on lithium batteries mandates.