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New Flight Deck, Cooling and Urban Air Mobility Concepts Impress at NBAA 2021


Product manager Sapan Shah demonstrates Honeywell's simplified vehicle operations cockpit concept for urban air mobility. The easy-to-use cockpit system will run atop the new Honeywell Anthem avionics architecture.


New Flight Deck, Cooling and Urban Air Mobility Concepts Impress at NBAA 2021

Armed with new flight decks, cooling systems and more, Honeywell returned to the first in-person show of the National Business Aviation Association in a big way this month, demonstrating new products and future concepts to crowds of curious showgoers.

The Honeywell Anthem flight deck is the company’s next-generation aircraft control system.

Attendees got an up-close look at the Honeywell Anthem flight deck, a cloud-connected avionics system that includes intuitive touch controls, smart prompts, secure Internet browsing and new features for mission management and landing assistance. 

Visitors also got a look “over the horizon” at the next phase: a “simplified vehicle operations” (SVO) interface based on the same Anthem architecture. The SVO cockpit dramatically simplifies the work of flying and reduces the cost of training pilots. It replaces traditional flight displays with an intuitive, smartphone-style interface.

A Honeywell urban air mobility (UAM) cockpit in NBAA’s special Advanced Air Mobility Zone took attendees on a short, simulated flight through Phoenix, Arizona.

Honeywell's Micro Vapor Cycle System made its tradeshow debut at NBAA 2021.

Honeywell’s Micro Vapor Cycle System also made its tradeshow debut at NBAA. Visitors viewed a full-scale model of the 20KW version of the MicroVCS, which is designed to cool cabins, electronics, batteries and motors in electric aircraft.

Honeywell experts invited attendees to lift both the 14-pound MicroVCS compressor and a 44-pound compressor from an A350 aircraft. Despite its low weight, the MicroVCS compressor puts out 20KW of cooling power compared to 12KW produced by the heavier system.

Other products exhibited for the first time at an NBAA show included:

The impact of these and other technologies was the topic of a panel discussion on October 10 featuring Stephane Fymat, Honeywell’s vice president and general manager of urban air mobility and unmanned aerial systems; Geoffrey Richardson, chief financial officer of the urban air mobility manufacturer Lilium; and Ed Bolen, president and CEO of NBAA.

Traditional business aviation also got plenty of attention, as Honeywell released its annual Business Aviation Outlook and showed off upgrades for business jets like the RDR-7000 weather radar.

Learn more about how Honeywell is advancing aviation on our Future of Flight page.

Chris Hawley
Director of User Experience, Honeywell

Chris Hawley helps develop new technologies as part of the HUE innovation team at Honeywell Aerospace. The team designs electronic systems that are opening up new frontiers of flight, from electric air taxis to supersonic airliners. 


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