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Beyond Visual Line Of Sight Solutions

Longer Flights with Less Human Intervention

Honeywell’s Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight Solutions for small drones allow these aircraft to fly three times longer and with less human intervention.

Compared to traditional drones using batteries and line-of-sight radio links, drones equipped with Honeywell’s BVLOS technologies can fly farther, carry more weight, avoid hazards up to three kilometers away, and stream video of their progress anywhere in the world.

Honeywell’s BVLOS suite includes:

Endurance and Precision

Honeywell’s BVLOS suite allows drone designers to combine data in clever new ways to save weight and power. Its radar computes avoidance paths using built-in circuitry, rather than requiring a separate processor. Its satellite uplink can be used to download real-time weather and traffic reports from other drones.

The fuel cells in the iBVLOS suite operate silently and three times longer than batteries with equivalent output. And Honeywell’s rugged IMUs keep drones on course no matter the terrain.

Applications include:

  • Last-mile package delivery
  • Surveying
  • Pipeline and power line inspection
  • Search-and-rescue
  • Medical deliveries
  • Law enforcement

Click below to contact one of our BVLOS experts and learn how Honeywell’s Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight Solutions can make drone operations faster, more reliable and more profitable.