Connected Aircraft Report

Aviation professionals around the globe in the commercial aircraft sector reveal that spending on connected technologies will increase dramatically in the coming years. This is driven by a rapidly growing demand for solutions that enhance the passenger experience, save airlines money and improve operational efficiency.

The Connected Aircraft



"We want to be able to predict when a component is about to fail and change it before it does."


"In my business - Commercial Aviation - safety and reliability is paramount. Therefore, it is high priority to provide preventive, predictive and reliable maintenance."


"Fuel-use data is a big concern for us. We are operating in a very busy environment; if a single flight is disrupted, it becomes a great concern to manage the schedule."


"The new generation of business travelers (our most lucrative customer) wants to be connected at all times and have information readily available. The airline that can provie this will have a competitive advantage."


"Connected-related purchases will increase operational efficiency, improve fleet management, provide energy efficiency and ensure flight safety."

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Learn how Honeywell's products and services for maintaining aircraft can cut down delays and save airlines money.

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