Connected Aircraft Report

Aviation professionals around the globe in the commercial aircraft sector reveal that spending on connected technologies will increase dramatically in the coming years. This is driven by a rapidly growing demand for solutions that enhance the passenger experience, save airlines money and improve operational efficiency.
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Learn how Honeywell’s products and services for maintaining aircraft can cut down delays and save airlines money.

What's new with Connectivity

Improve Maintenance Costs

7 Ways to Improve Maintenance Costs with the Connected Aircraft

As the industry matures, Honeywell Aerospace is providing new technologies for safer and smarter flights. Opening the data pipe to and from the aircraft has made it easier than ever to anticipate issues and reduce the cost of maintenance.
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Honeywell's Latest Connected Aircraft Hardware Enhances the Passenger Experience for Air Hamburg

Honeywell’s GoDirect Router and GoDirect Access service have been selected by Air Hamburg to bring advanced cabin and passenger connectivity features to its fleet of Embraer Legacy 650 jets.
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Connected Maintenance

Honeywell's Connected Aircraft Maintenance Reduces Delays and Cancellations for Cathay Pacific

Honeywell’s GoDirect™ Connected Maintenance selected by Cathay Pacific after demonstrating 35 percent fewer operational disruptions in trial program
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Cabin Connectivity

Honeywell Puts GoDirect Cabin Services in the Hands of Business Jet Operators to Control the In-Cabin Experience

Honeywell is making it easier for business operators to manage cabin connectivity usage, billing and troubleshooting with updates to its GoDirect™ Cabin
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