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Powering The Future Of Flight

Electric & Hybrid-Electric Propulsion


Your Challenges Are Our Challenges

Newest Innovations

The future of flight is electric, and Honeywell is enabling that future with integrated propulsion systems that make aviation safe, quiet, efficient, and clean.

Reliable Partnerships

With decades of experience making aircraft power systems and a worldwide support network, we partner for the long term. We work hand-in-hand with aircraft makers through certification and beyond.

Certifications & Support

We've helped dozens of aircraft through certification in multiple countries, giving us unique experience that can help you get flying quickly. Our worldwide presence means help is always at hand.

Proven Technology

We’ve teamed with the best in the industry in electrification technology for the automotive industry, to create a new generation of light, dependable propulsion systems.


Meet Our Partners


Honeywell has teamed with DENSO to co-develop and manufacture the Lilium Jet’s electric motor (e-motor) that will power the Lilium Jet’s engines.


Honeywell's lightweight Micro Vapor Cycle System will cool propulsion systems aboard the Eviation Alice.


Honeywell partners with Faradair Aerospace to provide turbogenerator units that will run on sustainable aviation fuel to power Faradair’s Bio-Electric Hybrid Aircraft (BEHA).

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Honeywell's Motors, Power and Cooling for Retrofits, UAVs and Urban Air Mobility

Integrated Electric Propulsion Systems

Our integrated systems combine our motors, controllers, power and cooling with Honeywell’s unrivaled expertise in fly-by-wire computers and avionics. This approach eliminates weight and ensures the most efficient use of power throughout every millisecond of flight.

We have more than 50 years of experience in propulsion and power controls and have fielded more than 50,000 systems.


DENSO makes powerful, reliable motors and controllers used by electric and hybrid cars worldwide. Honeywell rules the skies with its auxiliary power units, engines and fly-by-wire systems.

Together we’re developing a new breed of light and dependable electric propulsion units for aviation. They’re tightly integrated with our fly-by-wire processors, actuators and other systems to extract the most range from your power source. Learn more about our collaboration.


Our integrated systems combine our motors, controllers, power and for aircraft that need more range, our 500-kilowatt turbogenerator combines the rugged, flight-proven HTS900 engine with two miniaturized generators to feed motors or high-capacity batteries.

Our 1-megawatt turbogenerator is based on the HGT1700 auxiliary power unit, currently flown on every Airbus A350 XWB. It drives a generator that pours out enough electricity to power an entire neighborhood block.

We offer a broad range of other aircraft power generation solutions from 5 to 200 kVA in constant speed, variable frequency and direct current configurations. With more than 250,000 starter-generators produced, we are the aerospace industry’s most trusted source for high-performance, low-maintenance energy solutions.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Honeywell produces industry-leading hydrogen fuel cells that provide clean, long-lasting power for unmanned aerial systems. 

Our proton exchange membrane fuel cells run up to three times longer than batteries and are five times more reliable than small engines. They work silently and emit no greenhouse gases. And unlike batteries that need to be recharged, hydrogen fuel cells can be refueled in seconds. 


Honeywell’s Micro Vapor Cycle System is ideal for cooling batteries, electronics, motors, cabins and cockpits in weight-sensitive  aircraft. 

The MicroVCS uses advanced technology – including a high-speed centrifugal compressor, next-generation refrigerant and silicon carbide switches – to generate cold air or liquid. It is up to 35 percent lighter and 20 percent more efficient than alternatives.

The MicroVCS comes in three variants for 6kW, 11kW or 20 kW of cooling.


Honeywell Solutions by Flight Application

Large Unmanned Aerial Systems

Honeywell technology is ushering in a new era of unmanned air cargo, with fast and efficient UAVs that can move heavy loads anywhere in the world.

Urban Air Mobility & People Transport

Honeywell is transforming air travel with avionics, propulsion and operational systems for urban air mobility vehicles and other electric aircraft.

Light Drones

Honeywell’s flight systems and fuel cells allow small UAVs to fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and with greater endurance, enabling last-mile package delivery and other missions.

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Further Learning

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