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Honeywell Aerospace Technologies Defense & Space Offset

Enhancing Your Experience: Advanced Aerospace & Defense Offerings

We’re excited to share some of the ways our commitment to innovation, defense and space technologies are safeguarding nations and empowering economies worldwide. 

Offset agreements are a fundamental aspect of international defense and space sales, often mandated by governments to ensure reciprocal trade arrangements. We view these agreements as opportunities to not only expand our global footprint, but also to create lasting partnerships that drive positive change.

Led by Matt Milas, President, our team focuses on productive and efficient investment.

Our primary goals are to cultivate strong international relationships, and contribute to the economic and defense capabilities of partner countries.

Through strategic investments and collaborative projects, we aim to build self-sustaining defense infrastructures and support systems, with workforces that promote stability, prosperity and basic human rights.

Global Collaboration

Currently, we’re engaged in numerous programs around the globe, including:

We’re collaborating on research and development projects that leverage our strong relationships and expertise to fuel innovation and growth.
We’re actively participating in defense offset programs that support the country's goal of self-reliance in developing military aerospace technologies.
Saudi Arabia
We’re committed to supporting the Kingdom's Vision 2030 by investing in high-tech employment growth and building local capabilities.
We’re aligning our business plans with the country's industrial cooperation policies to establish long-term partnerships that contribute to the local economy.
South Korea
We’ve invested in local industries to enhance production capabilities and develop alternative supply sources for critical aerospace components.
We’ve entered into strategic agreements to provide maintenance and repair services for key aerospace systems, further strengthening our presence in the European market.

Supporting the Innovation

We believe offsets and industrial cooperation are more than just business transactions. They’re opportunities to make a meaningful impact on global security, economic development and social progress. By prioritizing innovation, collaboration and responsible investment, we’re shaping the future of aerospace and defense while creating value for our customers, partners and communities worldwide.