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MSP Business Jet
MSP Business Jet

Operator Value

Honeywell Forge is your front door to a comprehensive service portfolio that includes in-flight connectivity, flight planning and optimization, and flight database services in a single seamless platform with a growing list of additional features. It’s an integrated solution providing a single, reliable source of information covering the breadth of your operation. The customizable dashboard provides a wealth of information to let your team monitor the current status from the fleet level down to an individual aircraft. It provides insight into what’s going on now and what’s coming up, giving you the power to keep an eye on your assets while surfacing important information through the noise.

Honeywell Forge delivers operator value with these features

Full Mission Management

  • Allows mission coordination between flight & maintenance teams
  • Improves situational awareness of connectivity status & flight status
  • Provides easy access to preferred service providers
  • Enables prompt maintenance actions to save time & money
  • Analyzes data consumption to control costs

Optimal Performance

  • Reduces latency with industry’s best POP configuration
  • Allows for channel bonding for higher bandwidth requirements
  • Enables traffic prioritization to meet needs of multiple users
  • Limits idle device consumption to ensure bandwidth availability
  • Optimizes real-time & prerecorded video streaming

Corporate Governance Requirements

  • Uses regular reviews & audits to ensure cybersecurity
  • Allows government/military customers to use own cyber protections
  • Enables remote router updates to ensure latest protections are available
  • Extends corporate policies to the aircraft for remote site monitoring
  • Offers on-wing intrusion detection option 

Billing & Budget Management

  • Uses captive, hotel-style portals for credit card use
  • Offers pay-as-you-go options for greater cost management
  • Reduces the risk of overages by providing greater control
  • Offers data filtering to save costs on unused data

Transition & Provisioning

  • Enables smooth fleet-wide transition with consultancy & onboarding services
  • Offers proven configuration systems for any fleet size
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