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Introducing Honeywell Forge

Drive sustainability, optimize operations, and reduce costs with advanced analytics

Airlines operate in an environment that is increasingly getting more and more complex. Honeywell Forge for Airlines is the most advanced analytics platform that has been helping over 100 airlines identify, implement, and optimize dozens of initiatives to improve flight and maintenance operations.

The core of the platform consists of two complementary applications, with more applications and mobile tools currently in trial with our airline customers.


The leading solution for flight data analytics that helps saves fuel, optimizes flight routes, and drives on-time performance.

Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency has helped improve efficiency and drive sustainability at 30 leading airlines and airline groups like IAG, Lufthansa, KLM, Etihad, Japan Airlines, for more than a dozen years.

Learn about Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency


The innovative solution for predictive and prescriptive analytics that reduces disruptions and maintenance costs

Honeywell Forge Connected Maintenance ushers the next generation of analytics that more than 100 major airlines have trusted Honeywell to provide multiple ATA chapters for Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Learn about Honeywell Forge Connected Maintenance 
Launch Honeywell Forge Connected Maintenance

More ways to leverage your connectivity investment with Honeywell Forge. 

The Honeywell Forge data platform is turbo-charged by the other Honeywell’s Connected Aircraft offerings: satellite communications hardware, connectivity services and data plans, and miscellaneous connectivity hardware and apps.

Connectivity Hardware

Honeywell hardware has become synonymous with the rise of global connectivity. Our Connected Aircraft has flown to every continent, many dozens of cities for demonstration flights of the current and next-generation connectivity hardware. Whether in the air or on the ground, your connected fleet will help drive innovation in everything from improved operations to pilot empowerment to the overall passenger experience.

Connectivity Services

As the premiere Inmarsat partner, Honeywell can offer you unmatched value when it comes to inflight connectivity (IFC) and inflight entertainment (IFE). Aviation is undergoing a profound cultural and generational shift in passenger expectations. Honeywell helps airlines redefine the passenger experience to improve customer satisfaction, competitiveness, and the bottom line with ancillary revenue.

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