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If you are looking for product or service support, we have many different ways you can contact us.

Aircraft on Ground (AOG)

If you require AOG support, please contact us at +1-602-365-3099 (option #4), or within the U.S., toll-free at 1-800-601-3099 (also option #4), or via email In your email, you should include your aircraft tail number, the AOG failure reason, the Honeywell part number, your next scheduled flight time and date, the U.S./Europe carrier account number and the outbound delivery forwarder with all the necessary details like phone and address.

Get a Quote

If you need a quote, please visit, or you may contact us directly at

Place an Order

If you're ready to order, we can take that order at, or you may submit your order to

Check Order Status

If you are looking for the status of an order, latest updates are available on, or you can send your inquiry to

Warranty Question

If you have a warranty issue, you can contact our warranty team at

Get a Repair

If you would like to send a unit in for repair, please contact our repairs team at

Technical Support

If you have a local field service engineer, you may contact him or her directly. Alternatively, we do offer global technical support via either phone +1-855-808-6500 / international +1-602-365-6500 (please click here for a complete list of international direct dial numbers) or email at Military customers may email us at