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Citation Longitude

Citation Longitude

The Longitude is powered by Honeywell’s highly efficient and reliable HTF7000 powerplant. Electric power is provided by the 36-150 auxiliary power unit. Longitude operators have access to Honeywell’s mechanical protection plan and maintenance service plans to protect your mechanical systems.

The Longitude is powered by Honeywell’s HTF7000 engine. The engine has exceeded all expectations for reliability, durability and maintainability providing operators with outstanding performance, industry-leading fuel efficiency, and a lower cost of ownership.

Longitude operators have access to Honeywell’s mechanical protection plan and maintenance service plans to protect the HTF7000, 36-150 auxiliary power unit and cabin pressure control system. Honeywell’s Global Data Center provides a wide range of essential flight support services to improve the safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your flight operations.

Honeywell tech delivers reliability, efficiency for NetJets first Citation Longitude

NetJets celebrated New Year’s 2020 by welcoming its first Cessna Citation Longitude to its fleet. The fractional ownership company has agreed to buy as many as 175 of Textron Aviation’s new super-midsize business jets, which would make it the world’s largest Longitude operator. 

Powered by two Honeywell HTF7700L propulsion engines, the super-midsize Longitude delivers a balance of passenger comfort, pilot experience, and overall performance. Fractional operators demand dispatch reliability and efficiency in their operations, and the HTF7700L provides plenty of both. 

With a proven track record of reliability, maintainability, and low cost of ownership across the business aviation community, the Honeywell HTF7000-series of engines has recorded over 5.5 million flight hours to date.

In addition, the Honeywell ported shroud 36-150 APU is the auxiliary power unit on this aircraft. The performance of the 36-150 is the best option for aircraft class, which boasts low noise and high reliability. The high-flow performance enhances main engine starting, with faster cabin pull down for added comfort.