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Reduce Risk from Obsolete CRT Displays

Honeywell has a great way to help you manage the risk of flying with obsolete cathode ray tube displays. A feature of our Maintenance Service Plan – Avionics Components lets you protect your aging Honeywell DU-870 CRTs and set a path to upgrade to LCD displays at your own pace.

As an MSP enrolled customer you have the added option of our Extended coverage:

  • The MSP Avionics DU875 Extended program allows customers to receive an unlike exchange from DU870 to DU875 upon failure as part of their contract’s coverage.

You also have these following options so that you can select the coverage that is right for you:

  • Through the SPEX program, you can exchange the failed unit for another DU-870 at current list prices. The replacement unit will be covered by a one-year standard SPEX warranty. The DU-870 SPEX will end on Dec 31, 2020.
  • You can upgrade to the DU-875 liquid crystal display, which is a drop-in replacement for the DU-870, and receive a special trade-in allowance. With this option, you can control costs by replacing one unit at a time.
  • Or, you can take this opportunity to upgrade your whole cockpit to one of our Primus Elite configurations, which include the Primus Elite Advanced Features (PEAF), Primus Elite Enhanced Features (PEEF) or Primus Elite Enhanced plus Advanced Features (PEEF + PEAF).

For more information, click below to be contacted by Honeywell MSP team!