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Maintenance Service Plan (MSP) - A Love Story: How Honeywell's MSP Continues to Delight Customers Over the Years

Maintenance Service Plan (MSP) - A Love Story: How Honeywell's MSP Continues to Delight Customers Over the Years

On Valentine’s Day – and every day – business aircraft operators in every corner of the world find another reason to love Honeywell’s legendary Maintenance Service Plan (MSP). For nearly 50 years, MSP has been shielding flight departments of all shapes and sizes from budget-busting repair costs, unscheduled maintenance events and unplanned aircraft downtime.

Honeywell pioneered prepaid maintenance plans for business aviation. What started as an easy and affordable way to extend warranty coverage on Honeywell propulsion engines has evolved into a total ecosystem of innovative plans. Now Honeywell offers plans covering engines, engine nacelles, auxiliary power units (APUs), avionics and mechanical components.

MSP offers operators the ultimate choice of flexible and affordable protection, along with something even more valuable – peace of mind.

Since its launch in the mid-1970s, Honeywell has continuously improved MSP to meet the evolving needs of operators. Recently we introduced nacelle protection for MSP-Propulsion subscribers who fly aircraft with Honeywell HTF engines, and usage-based MSP-Propulsion coverage which gives HTF and TFE engine operators a discount of up to 10% for operating their engines under optimal conditions.  

Strong and Lasting Relationships Matter

It’s easy to see why so many business aircraft operators are in long-term relationships with Honeywell MSP. Take Transwest Air Service for example. The Idaho-based VIP transportation company first enrolled in MSP more than three decades ago and, today, Honeywell still protects the HTF7350 engines and APU on Transwest’s Bombardier Challenger 350 business jet.

Ross Andrew, Director of Maintenance at Transwest, is a big believer in MSP Gold, Honeywell’s premium maintenance service plan. “MSP Gold delivers a lot of benefits,” he said. “We see it as a budgeting tool for our company, because we know whatever discrepancies they may find during inspections, the cost of labor and parts will be covered so there are no surprises in our operating costs.”

Avoiding unexpected budget hits and keeping aircraft where they belong – in the air – is what the MSP program is all about. As Mark Jones, Director of Aviation for a Milwaukee-based medical company, said recently, “MSP is worth its weight in gold.” The engines and avionics on his company’s Hawker 800XP are covered under the plan.  

MSP Delivers When Problems Arise

Several years ago, Honeywell’s MSP field service team jumped in to help Mark address a critical problem when one of his engines started running hot. He called Honeywell and a highly skilled crew of engine experts was on the scene in about two hours. They took the engine off and shipped it to a repair center in Phoenix, and a few hours later, a loaner engine was installed and the Hawker was ready to fly again.

“The MSP program has been a godsend for us,” he said. “When we’ve had issues, the Honeywell rapid response teams get in and out as quickly as possible. If there is a problem, you’re always able to get it fixed promptly and Honeywell ensures that we never miss a trip.”


AOG Problems are Business Problems

That’s important because an aircraft on the ground (AOG) waiting for repair isn’t just an equipment problem – it’s a business continuity problem.

“Our aircraft is one of the most powerful business tools we have,” said Marlon Bonilha, President and Director of Pro Tork, Latin America’s largest manufacturer of motorcycle parts. So, when one of the cockpit displays on the company’s Pilatus PC-12 NG turboprop aircraft malfunctioned, the chief pilot called Honeywell to get the problem fixed – and fast. The aircraft was in and out of the shop and ready to fly again in just 24 hours.

Marlon said, “If the aircraft had been immobilized on the ground longer, it could have generated a significant loss. With Honeywell by my side, I know the aircraft will be repaired fast, my software will always be updated, and it’ll all be done at a predetermined cost.”

Honeywell’s “no surprises”approach to costs is one of the biggest benefits of MSP, which keeps our customers from going off budget on every non-predicted failure event. Combine that with Honeywell’s century-long reputation for superior customer service and responsiveness and you have the ultimate win-win.

MSP Belongs in the Spotlight

Movie star Mark Wahlberg calls his Bombardier Global Express business jet a “personal 21st Century transporter that takes me directly to locations anywhere in the world.” He counts on a full complement of Honeywell avionics equipment to fly him and his family safely, comfortably and efficiently anyplace, anytime.

Between his acting, business and philanthropic endeavors – and his favorite role as a husband and father – Mark rarely has downtime. But zero unplanned downtime is what he and his flight operations team expect from their business aircraft and Honeywell. 

That’s why, after Honeywell upgraded the flight deck, satellite communications system and other equipment on their Global Express, they enrolled in MSP-Avionics Components to protect Mark’s investment, avoid future maintenance problems, and give Mark the flexibility to work, relax or do just about anything else while traveling.

“I’ve been able to take part in creative meetings, watch dailies, Facetime with my family, you name it, all while flying at 45,000 feet,” Mark said. “My airplane is a valuable business tool because it lets me travel all over the world on my own terms to do the work I love.” 


Channel Partner Network

Honeywell’s renowned global network of service centers and certified channel partners for all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities are crucial players in delivering MSP to customers all over the globe. With their incredible customer service, MSP continues to keep operators in the air after over five decades.


Aerospace Technologies Marketing

We inspire innovation. We are passionate and fearless inside and outside of work. We join forces and celebrate our global team. Now you can learn a little bit more about the amazing people that make up our culture at Honeywell Aerospace Technologies.