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Fuel your peace of mind. PROTECT YOUR ENGINE NACELLE.

Introducing the Nacelle Maintenance Service Plan for your HTF Engine.

Protection for your engine nacelle, peace of mind for you.

At Honeywell, we value your peace of mind as much as you value your aircraft. We know your aircraft is an important investment that you wish to protect by keeping it risk-free, well maintained and always ready for takeoff. You can now benefit from maintenance coverage that reduces downtime, limits unexpected repair costs and offers better control over maintenance needs and budgets. With our HTF Nacelle Maintenance Service Plan (MSP), you get an array of options that fit your operational requirements, reduce costs and increase efficiency – granting you peace of mind.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive nacelle coverage for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance (including corrosion)
  • Predictable budget and costs
  • Enhanced resale value of the aircraft
  • Quality OEM repairs
  • Increased aircraft availability
  • OEM backed repair and approval source for nacelles

Avoid Unscheduled Expenses

You can now benefit from additional maintenance coverage for your nacelle system to reduce downtime, limit unexpected repair costs and gain control over maintenance needs and budgets. MSP HTF Nacelle comes packed with features that include routine inspections, treatment and repair of corrosion, and/or replacement* of nacelle components when Beyond Economic Repair (BER).

Both tiers provide predictable budget and costs, OEM-authorized repairs, replacement parts and increased aircraft availability. The program also may enhance resale and trade in value of the aircraft. The table below highlights the benefits of the tiers.

With MSP HTF Nacelle, you can choose from two tiers that best fit your operation. Key differences in the program tiers include:

Key Features MSP HTF Nacelle:

  • Routine inspections
  • Scheduled and unscheduled parts and labor
  • Corrosion coverage
  • Corrosion on-wing treatment / repair
  • Replacement of nacelle components when Beyond Economic Repair (BER)
  • Critical Line Replacement Units (LRUs) supported by the SPEX exchange program
  • Shipping of failed nacelle parts
  • Fully-transferable program

Key Features MSP HTF Nacelle Gold:

  • Available for a small additional hourly fee benefit from extended features such as:
  • Labor costs for inspections and removal and replacement of LRUs
  • AOG 24/7 logistical support
  • Troubleshooting, R&R & Mobile team allowances
  • Rental asset priority
  • Service Bulletin CAT 1 and CAT 2 (~10 Hours)

Download the brochure below for more details on the MSP Standard and Gold packages.