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Four Ways to Propel Your AW139 Into the Future

Four Ways to Propel Your AW139 Into the Future

Whether you’re rushing a patient to the hospital, searching for a lost sailor, ferrying workers to an offshore oil rig or flying the executive team to a shareholders’ meeting, the Leonardo AW139 multi-role helicopter has what it takes to tackle your most challenging missions.

Now Honeywell is helping make a proven performer even better with technology upgrades that take safety and operational efficiency to a whole new level. Here are four ways Honeywell can propel your AW139 into the future.

1. Primus Epic 2.0 Phase 8 Cockpit Upgrade

The AW139 is the first helicopter certified with Honeywell’s Primus Epic 2.0 next-generation cockpit system. The Phase 8 upgrade includes innovative and intuitive features that improve situational awareness and reduce pilot workload in all flying conditions. The cockpit features Honeywell’s SmartView synthetic vision system (SVS), which provides pilots with a clear out-the-window view of flying conditions, even at night or during bad weather, and enables visual flight rules (IFR) approaches. Phase 8 also includes enhanced interactive navigation (INAV) capabilities, flight management system improvements, an advanced cursor control device and wireless data loading capabilities to create the most advanced and capable cockpit in the helicopter world. 

2. IntuVue RDR-7000 Weather Radar

The RDR-7000 weather radar system provides AW139 helicopter pilots with unprecedented levels of situational awareness while also reducing pilot workload. Conventional radars scan only a portion of the sky, but the RDR-7000 is the first radar to provide a complete vertical view of weather. For the AW139, the radar also includes a maritime mode that enhances the helicopter’s search and rescue capabilities and enables the radar to detect objects as small as a jet ski on a large body of water.  

3. Sky Connect Tracker III (Advanced)

Sky Connect Tracker III is Honeywell’s most advanced mission management, flight tracking and automated flight following system. Now available for AW139 operators through Honeywell channel partner MASCO, the Sky Connect Tracker III (Advanced) gives you unprecedented satellite communications capabilities including worldwide tracking, two-way messaging and telephone services, combined with flight data monitoring capabilities to satisfy recent mandates.

4. Maintenance Service Plans

Honeywell maintenance service plans (MSPs) for helicopters and helicopter avionics provide AW139 operators with peace of mind, protect them from unexpected maintenance costs and make annual budgeting a breeze. Honeywell offers a range of flexible, customizable maintenance options, that make it easy for you to control the unexpected and keep your helicopter where it belongs – in the sky.

With more than 1,000 aircraft delivered, Leonardo has made the AW139 one of the world’s premier multi-mission helicopters, known for its safety, superior performance and advanced technology. With the Primus Epic 2.0 Phase 8 upgrade, RDR-7000 weather radar, Sky Connect Tracker III (Advanced) and the industry’s leading maintenance service plans, Honeywell is ready to help you take your AW139 fleet to the next level.

Contact your Honeywell Representative for more information.

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