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Laseref VI Micro IRS

Honeywell’s Laseref VI Micro Inertial Reference System (IRS) is the latest laser gyro inertial navigation technology in the industry’s smallest and lightest package. It’s designed to simplify pilot workload while significantly reducing installation time, weight, size, power and cost.

The Laseref VI Micro IRS melds tradition and innovation

The revolutionary technology of the Laseref VI Micro IRS evolved from the Laseref V and crafted using more than 50,000 commercial inertial reference systems. It features a sixth-generation ring laser gyro-based inertial reference Unit (IRU), offering Honeywell’s proven laser technology in an even smaller package.

For more information you can also visit LASEREF VI Micro Inertial Reference Systems.



MAGVAR friendly: trust the Laseref VI Micro IRS

The Laseref VI inertial reference unit (IRU) ends the looming obsolescence of the CL 604 with existing LTN-101 inertial system’s MAGVAR maps that will soon expire, which will impact operations in the northern hemisphere and cause restriction to airspace.



Introducing the mighty Laseref VI Micro IRS

  • Used on almost all new Business and General Aviation (BGA) platforms
  • Ready to support enhanced RNP-AR performance on the CL 605 with 100% availability of RNP 0.1 (vs 0.3 today)
  • Decreases operational costs through a 50% reduction in box size and over 30% reduction in both weight and power consumption compared to similar systems
  • Reduces installation costs and increases accuracy with electronic mounting tray alignment
  • Reduces pilot workload through automatic mode control logic and automatic initialization
  • In-motion inertial alignment and automatic realignment between flights made possible through GPS integration


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