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Runway Awareness and Advisory System - RAAS

Runway Awareness and Advisory System - RAAS

Runway Awareness and Advisory System - RAAS

Honeywell’s runway awareness and advisory system (RAAS) is a valuable safety solution that improves pilot situational awareness, minimizing the risk of runway incursions and reducing operational costs.

Runway incursions are a leading cause of aviation accidents and fatalities, accounting for approximately $1 billion annually in damages. Loss of situational awareness is a causal factor in a majority of these runway incursions. To mitigate incursions, Honeywell developed the Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS), a heads-up advisory system with aural alerts to increase the pilot’s situational awareness during ground and air operations relative to the runway.

RAAS is available on the Primus Apex and Primus Epic platforms. It's an easy and fast software update to your Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (EGPWS) MK V, MK V-A, MK VII or Epic EGPWS Module (EGPWM).

Operators should contact Honeywell sales at the link below or an authorized Honeywell dealer to determine if a supplemental type certificate (STC) or service bulletin exists for a simple software upgrade.

Compatibility/Feature RAAS SmartRunway SmartLanding
Approaching Runway (on Ground) x x  
On Runway x x  
Takeoff Flaps   x  
Extended Hold On Runway x x  
Insufficient Runway Length on Ground x x  
Short Runway Teakeoff   x  
Distance Remaining (Reject Takeoff) x x  
Taxiway Takeoff (advisory) x x  
Taxiway Takeoff (caution)   x  
Approaching Runway (Landing) x x x
Insufficient Runway Length on Approach x x x
Short Runway Landing   x x
Taxiway Landing   x x
Distance Remaining (Landing & Rollout) x x x
Runway End (<100 feet) x x x
Landing Flaps (<500 feet)     x
Too High (During Approach)     x
Too Fast (During Approach)     x
Unstable (During Approach)     x
Long Landing (or Deep Landing)     x
Distance Remaining (Long Landing)     x
Altimeter Setting (During Approach)     x
Altimeter Setting (During Climb)     x
Customer Success Stories (1)
Customer Success Stories (1)
Emirates works with Honeywell to reduce risk of runway incursions and excursions
Brochures (1)
Brochures (1)
SmartRunway and SmartLanding
Infographics (1)
Infographics (1)
SmartRunway and SmartLanding
STC Lists (1)
STC Lists (1)
EGPWS Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS) STC List

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