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Spring Airlines Selects Honeywell Technology for New Airbus A320 Neo Fleet

Spring Airlines Selects Honeywell Technology for New Airbus A320 Neo Fleet

SHANGHAI, Nov. 9, 2017 - Honeywell’s (NYSE: HON) suite of advanced cockpit technologies and industry-leading auxiliary power units has been selected by China’s Spring Airlines for its future fleet of Airbus A320neo aircraft. Honeywell’s technology will provide Spring Airlines with cost savings as well as safer and more efficient flight operations, helping the low-cost carrier grow its business around Asia.

“As China’s first and North Asia’s major low fare airline, we are continually adopting innovative and reliable technology to improve the safety, operation efficiency and comfort that the passengers expect and enjoy. With the expected increase in air traffic in the coming years, we need to be well prepared to take the lead in the race,” said Wang Zhijie, president, Spring Airlines. “After installing Honeywell’s auxiliary power unit (APU) and suite of avionics on our existing A320 fleet, we knew these solutions will enable our continued growth, and we are continuing the relationship for our new A320neos. The partnership would help us take a step toward being the premier low-cost carrier in the world.”

The Honeywell 131-9A APU provides the air source to start an aircraft’s main engines as well as electrical power and air conditioning while the plane is on the ground to ensure maximum passenger comfort. The 131-9A is known for its reliability and lower maintenance costs over the course of its entire life cycle, resulting in significant fuel savings each year. In addition, Spring Airlines will install a suite of Honeywell avionics on the new aircraft, including the enhanced ground proximity warning system, SmartTraffic Collision Avoidance System, Flight Management System, Quantum Line communication and navigation sensors, and other key systems to make sure airplanes take off and arrive safely and on time.

“We have a longstanding, trusted relationship with Spring Airlines, and we want to make sure that we continue to be its partner and that Honeywell’s technology helps Spring Airlines become one of the premier low-cost carriers in Asia,” said Brian Davis, vice president, Airlines, Asia Pacific, Honeywell Aerospace. “With Spring Airlines having already installed Honeywell’sAPU and full suite of avionics on its existing Airbus A320 fleet, we are pleased it trusts our partnership and knows that Honeywell wants to provide reliable and efficient technology that boosts the bottom line.”

Based on data from the International Air Transport Association, China will replace the United States as the world’s largest aviation market by 2022, making efficient and affordable aviation technologies critical to the success of Spring Airlines and air travel in and around China.

Honeywell Technologies Onboard Spring Airlines

Key Honeywell technologies onboard Spring Airlines’ new A320neo fleet include:

  • 131-9A APU has been designated by Airbus as the A320 family’s gold standard. It is known for its enhanced reliability, and reduction in flight delays and cancellations to ensure airlines get their passengers to their destinations on time.
  • Enhanced ground proximity warning system provides flight crews with timely, accurate information about surrounding terrain and obstacles. The technology has reduced controlled flight into terrain accidents from about one in every 3 million flights to less than one in every 20 million.
  • SmartTraffic Collision Avoidance System provides the industry’s longest-range surveillance capability, giving pilots better awareness of the planes in their surrounding airspace, increasing flight safety and efficiency. This results in significant cost savings for airlines.
  • Flight Management System includes the latest technologies that allow crew members to program it so that the shortest routes can be flown to save time and fuel, and ensure a landing at any airport with a runway long enough to fit the aircraft.
  • Quantum Line communication and navigation sensors are a proven range of communication and navigation radios. They have been significantly refreshed and upgraded with new technology that meets future mandate needs while reducing weight and increasing reliability.

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