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Start Your Engines … with a Honeywell Air Turbine Starter

Start Your Engines … with a Honeywell Air Turbine Starter

You can thank the air turbine start system whenever the turbine propulsion engines on your aircraft roar to life. The ATSS delivers the cranking power needed to start the engines on just about everything that flies, from wide-body passenger aircraft to business jets, to military helicopters, to turboprop transports Honeywell has an installed base of over 50,000 starters.

Most of the world’s aircraft get off to a good start every flight with a Honeywell ATSS, which includes the air turbine starter and the starter air valve. Together, these components convert pneumatic (air) energy to mechanical torque that turns the engine until it reaches ignition speed.

The Honeywell system generates high starting torque from a source that is about the size of your office wastebasket and is one-fourth the weight of an electric starter with comparable capabilities. Its compact size and low weight make the ATS ideal for installation on the wing. But it still delivers almost as much horsepower as a new Ford Mustang when needed to start the big gas turbine engines.

Our expertise in power density – the ability to produce up to 400 horsepower when needed from a small, light-weight system – stands Honeywell head and shoulders above other ATSS producers. One reason airplane manufacturers choose Honeywell is because they can fly further, on less fuel, with less weight on the wings.

There are other reasons, too, including industry-leading reliability, which translates to fewer flight delays and cancelations and lower maintenance costs for operators. We also maintain the aerospace industry’s most extensive global support network, with service centers and customer-care technicians located in every region of the world. To help minimize life cycle costs on ATSS, Honeywell offers several competitive aftermarket maintenance solutions for operators and MROs.

Honeywell has been in the ATSS business for more than 50 years and we’ve produced 10s of thousands of systems for all kinds of aircraft operating under every flight condition imaginable. We have a great industry reputation for value, reliability and customer support. Our engineers are working today to create a new generation of ATS systems that will be even smaller, lighter, smarter, more reliable and more connected.

Honeywell Aerospace Technologies

Our Engines & Power Systems business unit is looking for talented Engineers passionate about the design, development, validation and certification of advanced turbomachinery products for commercial and defense applications. We are hiring across all Engineering departments and experience levels. Check out the link below to become a #futureshaper. #aerospace #hiring

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