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Modernize Your Business Jet with Honeywell Upgrades

Modernize Your Business Jet with Honeywell Upgrades

After enduring multiple challenges in 2020, business aviation is showing strong signs of recovery in 2021. For starters, business aircraft flights are up more than 300% year-over-year, according to FlightAware, with the average number of weekly flights already running above 2019 levels.

AvBuyer reports the demand for preowned business jets currently exceeds supply as more people recognize the benefits of business aviation. New-aircraft production rates are down somewhat, but are expected to pick up later in the year. Meanwhile, Honeywell’s signature Global Business Aviation Outlook also predicts an increase in demand for new aircraft, leading to a steady increase in deliveries that will continue through the end of the decade.

With new and used aircraft in short supply, you may be planning to keep your current aircraft longer than anticipated and focus your investments on upgrades that will enhance safety, improve operational efficiency, and create a better flying experience for passengers, flight crews and ground-support staff.

Honeywell offers a range of retrofits, modifications and upgrades designed to help modernize legacy aircraft with technologies that can put them on par with the newest models rolling off the assembly line. We also offer a complete portfolio of Maintenance Service Plans covering avionics, propulsion engines, nacelles, auxiliary power units and mechanical components to help you protect your investment and manage your maintenance budget.


The Honeywell FMZ-2000 FMS version 6.1 gives you better access to more airports than previous versions of the FMS software. We encourage current FMZ-2000 operators to consider the FMS 6.1 upgrade which offers significant features and benefits over previous versions and is required to operate in the new Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A environment. Operators with versions below 6.1 may experience price increases on the nav data base subscriptions.


Honeywell’s JetWave satellite communications system provides your passengers with inflight Wi-Fi so good they’ll forget they’re flying. JetWave connects to the fast, reliable and always available Inmarsat Jet ConneX satellite network to provide the ultimate connectivity experience from the moment your passengers climb on the aircraft until they arrive at their final destination.


You can give your legacy business jet cockpit a facelift by replacing old-school Primus 1000/2000 and selected SPZ-8000 cockpits with a Primus Elite cockpit featuring Honeywell’s DU-875/885 liquid crystal displays. We offer a Primus Elite Enhanced Features (PEEF) upgrade and a Primus Elite Advanced Features (PEAF) upgrade, which also includes a Honeywell SmartView synthetic vision system (SVS) for the ultimate in situational awareness.


Honeywell’s IntuVue RDR-7000 weather radar system gives your pilots the clearest, most timely weather information available to make faster, better-informed decisions and avoid severe weather. The system uses automated 3D volumetric capabilities to scan up to 60,000 feet and look 320 nautical miles ahead for thunderstorms, turbulence, lightning, hail and other weather hazards.


The latest in our long line of proven LASEREF inertial reference systems, the LASEREF IV is an easy replacement upgrade for the aging LASEREF II AND III systems that still equip many business jets, but are no longer supported by Honeywell. The LASEREF IV is an all-digital ring laser gyro-based IRS that is smaller, lighter and more reliable than earlier versions of the system.

Your business jet is a huge asset – in every sense of the world. Business aircraft are wonderful productivity tools that save you time, let you travel comfortably and securely, and keep you connected no matter where you fly. They also represent a major investment that is worth protecting. Honeywell is here to help.

For information on these and other retrofits, modifications and upgrades that can help you improve the flying experience, learn more here.

Bill Hurst
Vice President of Business Aviation

Bill Hurst is Vice President of Business Aviation for the Honeywell Aerospace America’s Aftermarket group. A 23-year Honeywell employee, he has extensive background in business management, customer support and maintenance, repair and overall. He’s currently responsible for Honeywell’s OEM and dealer networks.


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