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Honeywell’s A-to-Z Guide to Handling Pressure and Measuring It, Too

Honeywell’s A-to-Z Guide to Handling Pressure and Measuring It, Too

At Honeywell, we know a little something about pressure.

We’ve been designing and producing devices to measure pressure in all kinds of situations for nearly 50 years. You’ll find our precision pressure sensors, transducers and barometers on aircraft, spacecraft, ships, unmanned aerial vehicles and in other places where people need highly-accurate and reliable pressure data to check their status, make decisions or trigger automatic actions.

Our aerospace product family started with the Precision Pressure Transducer, or PPT for short. We make two versions of the PPT, the original PPT and the PPT2, a next-generation solution with expanded features to increase functionality and performance.

We also sell an Integrated Pressure Transducer, IPT, our smallest pressure sensor that is designed to be easily integrated into a wide range of applications. At the core of all our pressure sensors is a micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) piezoresistive pressure sensor and high-performance, robust electronics to provide high-quality, high-accuracy, and high-performance plug-and-play sensing solutions for our customers.

You’ll find our pressure-measurement products on a typical airliner, embedded in flight-critical engine control systems, avionics, air data and environmental control systems. Honeywell’s pressure sensors, transducers and barometers are extremely reliable and have been known to operate 25 years or longer without needing adjustment.   

But our pressure sensors aren’t just for avionics. To show their versatility, we’ve compiled a list from A-to-Z of some pressure-sensor applications, including some from Honeywell Aerospace but many others from our customers and their unique uses of these adaptable products. 

A  Altimetry & Air Data
B  Barometers
C  Commercial Avionics, Cabin Pressure & Calibration
D  Differential Pressure Sensing, Digital Pressure Sensing, Data Logging
E  Engine Control Sensors
F  FADEC – Full Authority Digital Engine Control, Flow Sensing, & FADS – Flash Air Data Systems
G  Gas Pressure Sensing & Gauge sensors
H  High Speed & Hypersonic sensing
I  Industrial Pressure Sensing & Internet of Things (IOT)
J  Jet Aircrafts
K  K-12 Science Fair 
L  Low-Pressure Sensing & Leak Detection
M  Meteorology 
N  Networked Pressure Sensing
O  Oxygen Control Systems & Oceanic weather
P  Precision Pressure Sensing
Q  Quick Pressure Test Setup & Qualification of other sensors
R  Research and Development 
S  Space Exploration & Supersonic Speed Measurement
T  Temperature Compensated Pressure Sensing
U  Utilities monitoring
V  Ventilators (medical) calibration
W  Weather Stations & Wind Tunnel Sensing
X  Xenon Pressure Measurement
Y  Yearlong Stable Pressure Measurements
Z  Zeppelin Pressure Control

For more information on Honeywell pressure sensors, please click here. We’d love to hear about your application and help select the pressure sensor model that is right for you.  

Jeremy Dingman
Director, Customer Marketing

Jeremy Dingman is the Director of Product Marketing and has been with Honeywell since 2015.


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