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5 Facts About Honeywell Connectivity Solutions

5 Facts About Honeywell Connectivity Solutions

Regardless of whether they’re sitting in economy on a short-haul domestic route, or they’re a VVIP onboard an intercontinental private jet, passengers now expect to stay connected whenever, wherever they are traveling.

1.  Connectivity matters – Size doesn’t

Honeywell has satcom hardware and software solutions for all types and sizes of aircraft, from single-engine turboprops to the largest commercial aircraft. From simple texting capabilities to full-blown video conferencing and streaming services, we have options to address every need and suit every budget.

2.  This is not a fad

The demand for fast, reliable and always-on in-flight Wi-Fi isn’t a fashion fad or an experimental phase. The expectations amongst passengers will continue to grow as Millennials and Gen-Z’s   start travelling for business and leisure. In a recent Inmarsat survey, 90 % of respondents aged 18-30 said they would use Wi-Fi if it were available on their next flight.

3.  There’s more to connectivity than mile-high selfies

Meeting passenger demand for in-flight Wi-Fi is only one component of the Honeywell Connected Aircraft. On the flight deck, the connectivity revolution will help operators address the operational and safety challenges of increasingly-crowded airports and air space. However, in-flight connectivity can’t be shared between cockpit and cabin. Services must be physically separated for safety and security, and cockpit communication must be protected and prioritized above all else. Honeywell is uniquely placed to deliver this.

4.  It’s not rocket science. Well, actually it is

The fact that we can connect to the Internet at all while we’re travelling 35,000 feet high at hundreds of kilometers an hour in a metal tube is pretty incredible. But what’s even more incredible, when you consider it, is that when in-flight Wi-Fi was first introduced in 2004, speeds were about 3 Mbps. The newest JetWave system from Honeywell now delivers speeds of up to 180 Mbps, so passengers can expect the same high-speed Wi-Fi experience 35,000 feet high as they do on the ground, fully meeting business and entertainment connection demands.

5.  Connectivity is just the start of the journey

Honeywell Forge utilizes aircraft connectivity to deliver aviation’s most powerful cloud-based aircraft operations ecosystem. Encompassing all aspects of flight operations, Honeywell Forge combines critical data from airline systems with flight data from the aircraft. It transforms raw data into actionable insights, enabling airlines to act quickly to enhance the well-being of passengers and maximize profits for your airline.

Currently, Honeywell Forge is being used to process data from more than 10,000 aircraft. Major airline groups like Lufthansa, IAG, Etihad, KLM, Japan Airlines have publicly acknowledged using the platform to improve operational efficiency. Studies show that the advanced flight data analytics are delivering efficiencies of up to $200,000 per active aircraft.

Our Connected Aircraft solutions deliver both operational efficiencies and passenger benefits. Whether you represent an airline or business jet operator, as the world returns to the skies after the pandemic, competition will be intense. Making sure your product meets and exceeds customer expectations will be vital in attracting and retaining passengers. Of course, safety and now hygiene remain important factors, and we have solutions for them, too. However, connectivity is increasingly becoming a consideration in the decision-making process. To find out more visit

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