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Elevate Your Aircraft with Honeywell IntuVue 3D Weather Radar System

Elevate Your Aircraft with Honeywell IntuVue 3D Weather Radar System

Honeywell has been developing volumetric 3D scanning and pulse compression technologies based on decades of radar knowledge and experience. These technologies can be found in the IntuVue family of advanced 3D weather radar systems, which help pilots steer clear of severe weather while providing passengers with a safe and comfortable flying experience.

The IntuVue RDR-4000 and RDR-7000 weather radars collect data from continuous scanning that looks at airspace from 0 to 60,000 feet and +/-60 degrees. When the data is put in the 3D volumetric buffer, it’s corrected for the earth’s curvature so that pilots will read true MSL (mean sea level) altitudes.

The RDR-7000 is fully automated, scanning the entire volume of air in front of the aircraft from the ground to 60,000 feet and up to 320 nautical miles along and adjacent to the flight path. Weighing just 16 pounds, it’s about the same size as a conventional radar, making it easy and fast to install, driving down costs and reducing pilot workload.

The RDR-4000 and -7000 use several methods to alert pilots of hazardous convective activity and make a deviation decision. The systems also provide a composite display of the data, showing the maximum reflectivity for any given point and indicate hazards relevant to the flight path.

The RDR-4000 weather radar gives pilots additional insight into storms, allowing them to see a clearer picture of weather ahead. Meanwhile, the RDR-7000 is the next-generation solution that fits all the capabilities of the RDR-4000 into a smaller, more efficient package to meet the specific needs of smaller aircraft in regional and business aviation segments, and commercial helicopters.

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