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Answering the Call of Duty

Answering the Call of Duty

Throughout the pandemic, armed forces around the world have once again demonstrated their commitment, versatility and willingness to serve. Here in the United Kingdom, our military personnel have supported the Government and the National Health Service through the distribution of PPE and the creation of the Nightingale Hospitals in London and other major metropolitan centers. Now, as the complex task of rolling out vaccine supply across the UK is underway, the armed forces are set to play an ever more critical role in the pandemic. Their professionalism and logistical expertise are instrumental in leading the fight against COVID-19.  

Planning, Logistics and Vaccine Role Out:

In this next phase of the pandemic the Army are directly involved to ensure that the most-at-risk elements of society get the vaccine as quickly and efficiently as possible. I was personally reassured to see Brigadier Phil Prosser from the 101 Logistics Brigade (Iron Vipers) attending a recent Downing Street briefing. In times of conflict, one of the responsibilities of the 101 Logistics Brigade would be to set up field hospitals and evacuate casualties from theatre. This role, which involves complex logistics planning, makes the 101 the ideal unit to lead the vaccine roll-out. Under their watchful eye, the UK has vaccinated more than 15 million people to date – and is one of the leading nations worldwide, behind only Israel and the United Arab Emirates (which have much a smaller and more geographically concentrated populations).  

At Honeywell, we salute the efforts of armed forces around the world. The pandemic has brought new challenges and a very different enemy – and yet, as ever, our brave men and women in uniform have stood ready to protect and serve our countries in times of need and danger.

The challenge of maintaining mission-readiness:

The logistical challenge of rolling out the COVID-19 vaccines globally will be unprecedented, especially when trying to reach remote and under-developed communities. The  International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimated that 8,000 jumbo jets would be needed to deliver doses globally. More realistically, governments will likely rely on their armed forces and proven hardware such as the C-130 Hercules and CH-47 Chinook to get the job done. Honeywell has a range of retrofits, modifications and upgrades available for military transport platforms to increase safety, efficiency and reliability. Many of these upgrades are ‘drop-fit’ which means less time on the ground and more time in the air. At a time when assets may be called upon at any moment, our ability to keep your aircraft ready to fly is of the utmost importance.

Critical to maintaining mission-readiness is our unwavering support of the military maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) network. We have partnerships around the world with a wide range of MRO providers, both third-party independent entities and government-owned facilities.  It is through these partnerships we provide spares, parts and components for engines, avionics, airframes and other systems. Our Honeywell Aerospace Trading (HAT) division is your on-call, pre-owned equipment specialist. With stocks of critical spare parts and components immediately available, you always have access to the highest quality parts at competitive pricing. 

At Honeywell, we are proud to serve and support our armed forces. We stand with you during these difficult times and remain committed to keeping you mission-ready.

Helena Harris
Senior Marketing Communications Manager


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