Directed Energy

Military forces today face a rapidly evolving array of threats, from swarms of low-tech drones to highly maneuverable missiles and aircraft. Directed-energy weapons offer speed-of-light engagement, flexibility, power and unlimited magazines needed to counter ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, unmanned aerial systems and hypersonic technologies now entering today’s theaters of operations.

Field Ready Solutions

Honeywell is the world leader in systems that provide power, thermal management and energy storage.

We have decades of experience on both military and commercial platforms across all domains – sea, air, land and space.

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Power Generation Systems


Our industry-leading power generation systems range from the single kilowatt to 1 megawatt of continuous output. Their high power density and small size are ideal for directed energy applications. 

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Integrated Power and Thermal Management Systems

Power and Thermal Management systems tailored to meet the needs of system requirements.

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High-Accuracy Pointing and Stabilization Systems


Military-grade high accuracy Inertial Navigation and Embedded GPS-INS systems designed to provide maximum flexibility in the most challenging military environments. 

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