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How do I enter a repair order?

How do I enter a repair order?

1. Select search filters under SERVICES

2. Enter the Part Number or Description

3. Enter Quantity

  • Default QTY is 1
  • Serialized repairs can only be ordered QTY = 1
  • Non-Serialized part repairs may be ordered QTY = or > 1

4. Click on the magnifying glass icon to start your search

5. Options for repair sites, TAT, and available certifications will be shown.

Universal Flat Rate (UFR) price or customer specific pricing will be displayed as applicable.

If there is no UFR, “Quoted After Inspection” is displayed. A quote will be provided after the repair site performs an inspection of the part.

Select desired line to proceed with order

6. If a contract or special program is applicable, hover over the tooltip and click on the blue text to display all applicable contracts and prices.

7. Choose the radio button of the applicable contract/special program

8. Then, click Select Price

A. Honeywell Serial Number

  • Mandatory field for serialized parts
  • An error message will appear if serial number is scrapped or on an open order
  • To avoid delays, serial number must be entered exactly as it appears on the unit

B. Customer Part Number/Serial Number

  • Populate if applicable

C. Aircraft Information/Date of Removal

  • Used to determine warranty coverage

D. Reason for Removal/Description or Notes

  • Select applicable reason
  • If desired, input additional notes

E. Outgoing Part Number

  • Only applicable for Modify workscopes

9. Select Continue to proceed

*If material is a life limited part, information about times and cycles will be requested.

10. If part is under warranty, a confirmation message will be displayed. Click Continue to proceed.

11. If part is not under warranty, message will be displayed.

If warranty is not found, but part is still under warranty, select Yes and the appropriate drop down. The information will be reviewed by the Warranty Team.

12. Select Continue to proceed

13. If part details (serial number, reason for removal, contract or date of removal) require any changes, select Edit.

14. To modify Service Bulletin selection, select Add Service Bulletins.

15. To add additional certifications, select Add Certifications.

16. Attach any files applicable to the unit such as photos or test data sheets.

17. To continue, select Add to Cart.

The part will now be added to you Cart.

How do I submit an AOG Order? please click here.