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How to get new MSP Avionics/Mechanical Quotes

How to get new MSP Avionics/Mechanical Quotes

Before quoting make sure you have:

  • Confirmed customer details.
  • Confirmed aircraft configuration and annual predicted flight hours.
  • Confirm if there is a Pre-Existing Failure onboard.


1. Enter the Portal at and go to Services & Support > Connected Services > MSP Contracts & Reporting.

2. Under Go to Quoting Tool select Quoting Tool>>.

3. Select Get a New MSP Avionics/Mechanical Quote.

4. Select the desired Plan type.

5. Insert aircraft details, predicted flight hours, and indicate if there is a pre-existing failure on board.

6. Click on Continue. Now enter your preferred Dealer. You will have three options: (1) Issue quote without a Dealer, (2) Select your dealer from the dropdown menu, or (3) if you don’t know which Dealers are available on your region click on “Locate a Dealer Here” to find out.

7. On Step 3, you’ll be asked to confirm the parts list. Please review the items and adjust the Qty accordingly. This step is important, and it will allow the MSP Sales Manager to make sure coverage is accurate and fitted to your needs (i.e. present eligible Extended program options).

8. Once you have reviewed the configuration list, click on Verify & Submit Quote. You will receive an email confirmation. The MSP Sales team will also be notified and reach out to you. You may also contact, download a copy of the quote, or check Quote Status in the portal.

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